Mental Health

Would you like to work in mental healthcare? And would you like to learn how to best treat, diagnose and manage different disorders? Or would you like to do research into psychological disorders? Then Mental Health is the programme you’re looking for. In this programme, you’ll gain the practical skills necessary to assess and manage various mental healthcare problems. You’ll also have the opportunity to do a clinical internship and a research internship, where you’ll obtain essential skills in the areas of diagnostics, interventions and research. Depending on your interests, you can either specialise in adult psychopathology or child and adolescent psychopathology. After obtaining their master’s, many graduates enrol in a post-graduate training programme in mental healthcare or psychotherapy. Others secure a PhD position and pursue a career in science. Download our full infopack  

  • Everyone is this programme is very driven and always comes to tutorials well prepared
    Stéphanie van Zandvoort (the Netherlands), Mental Health
  • Next to my dream of becoming a clinical psychologist, I also see myself as a researcher. Perhaps I’ll become a part-time researcher and psychologist
    Gabriëlla Warning (Curaçao), Mental Health
  • With this study I’m more versatile as a psychiatric nurse. The scientific basis gives my work a profound depth
    Tine Raskin (Belgium), Mental Health

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    • Photo by Maastricht University Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences

      When removing a tumour, it’s not always easy for a surgeon to decide whether all of the cancer cells have been taken out. The ‘intelligent knife’, or iKnife, can play an important role in this in the future. Researchers from the Maastricht M4I institute are key partners in an international consortium that will validate the method, and have started the second phase of the experiments (in vivo) in a Dutch hospital last fall.

      Dr. Tiffany Porta is an assistant professor at M4I and an expert in mass spectrometry imaging. She heads the iKnife project, which is all about ultimately taking the technique to the clinic. Close collaboration with the Maastricht University Medical Centre+ is key, since it is there that the first ‘molecular operating room’ of the Netherlands is implemented.

      Read the article if you want to know how the iKnife works.

      Helping surgeons and pathologists with the iKnife
      13 hours 20 min ago
    • Vandaag was de Master's Open Day en ik heb dit keer weer zoveel mogelijk potentiële studenten proberen te besmetten met mijn enthousiasme voor de studie. Mocht je me nu vandaag gemist hebben, of heb je juist naar aanleiding van vandaag nog meer vragen, stuur me dan gerust via messenger een berichtje, daar ben ik immers voor!

      Bij deze ook een kleine herinnering: als je de master of de premaster wilt gaan doen, let dan goed op de deadline én ga op zoek naar een stageplek als je in september met de master wilt starten!

      1 week 1 day ago

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