Media Culture

Are you fascinated by digital media, especially social media? Would you like to investigate the new media landscape and understand its effects on society? Do you have your sights set on a career in the media world, with an emphasis on digital media and contemporary media practices? If so, Media Culture may be the right choice for you. The programme combines theoretical reflection, research on user practices and basic media skills training. Using an interdisciplinary approach, media studies is integrated with political philosophy, philosophical aesthetics, history and sociology of technology. This ensures that you develop the theoretical, analytical and practical skills that are essential to understanding and adapting to the ever-changing media world, whether you are working in a cultural organisation, a broadcasting company, a commercial business or a governmental organisation. 

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Betty Tkadlčiková, Student Ambassador Media Culture

Betty is from the Czech Republic and chose to come to Maastricht University for the Master’s programme Media Culture. “After my Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies from the Metropolitan University in Prague, I was tired of the traditional education system. Studying here also forced me to get everything organised in order to achieve what I wanted. When I was choosing Media Culture I really wanted to explore contemporary and digital media, new media because I thought that would be a great addition to my background. After my studies I would like to combine my practical skills from previous experiences with the academic knowledge I’ve gained here.”

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Betty Tkadlčiková, Ambassador Master Media Culture

“I’m looking forward to making a living by doing what I love to do most.”

  • I feel that Media Culture has prepared me fully for my work
    Shaun Matsheza, Editor, Almere, the Netherlands