Are you curious about what motivates consumers to make certain financial decisions? Are you interested in an interdisciplinary specialisation? Are you looking for a challenging learning experience? Then the specialisation in Marketing-Finance could be right for you. The specialisation is part of the master's programme in International Business and is for students who wish to study the traditionally separate disciplines of marketing and finance in an integrated, international context. Finance often focuses on the technical pre-conditions for the success of an organisation or financial product while ignoring the marketing perspective. By bringing the finance and marketing approaches together, the Marketing-Finance programme shows how you can create an environment in which both financial performance and customer value are integrated.


Innovative teaching at the School of Business and Economics

'Triple Crown' accreditation from AASCB, AMBA, EQUIS

UM is the 6th best young university in the world

Times Higher Education '200 Under 50' 2017
  • The study incorporates the psychological parts of marketing to help you understand the people you’re trying to reach
    Hasse Lienert, International Business, Marketing-Finance


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