Entrepreneurship & SME Management

Are you ambitious and result-oriented? Are you able to interact with others and are you open to exchanging and receiving feedback? Are you excited by the prospect of blended learning rather than just papers and books? Then the specialisation in Entrepreneurship and SME Management could be right for you. The specialisation is part of the master's programme in International Business and is for students interested in setting up and managing small and medium sized businesses. The specialisation combines both management theory and practical experience with the existing opportunity either to set up your own student company or to assist the management team of a real-life entrepreneurial venture. The programme is a genuine exercise in ‘learning by doing’.

Pre-master International Business

Interested in studying this master's programme, but do not yet meet the requirements? Consider pursuing our Pre-master.


    • Photo by Maastricht University School of Business and Economics

      We are proud to say that our Maastricht University SBE team came in first at the national SDG challenge. 🏆

      Fourteen teams from all Dutch universities worked together with business partners (SABIC, ING, T-Mobile, Center Parcs, Vitens etc.) to find a feasible innovation that would move the company towards making a positive impact on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

      Our multidisciplinary team collaborated with their partner SABIC (a global leader in diversified chemicals) on their case of how SABIC could contribute to increasing the recycling rate of plastics to enable circular plastic waste streams. They presented their so-called 'Treasure Bin'.

      Congrats Laura Nieboer, Alexia Rennotte, Max Steinkellner, Fere Vande Kerckhove and Bink Verschuur!

      16 hours 12 min ago
    • Photo by Maastricht University School of Business and Economics

      Our students going the extra mile! 👊
      Lea, Anne, Elisa and Caterina secured a silver medal in this year’s Econometric Game in Amsterdam. To appease fans frustrated by the lack of mainstream media coverage, we asked one of their number, Lea Bottmer, to tell us more.

      A numbers game
      1 day 9 hours ago
    • Photo by Maastricht University School of Business and Economics

      Europe is strongly intertwined economically. We trade intensively with each other and there are financial flows throughout Europe. The economy has done its job for Europe. But now? “We are economically integrated”, says Prof. Clemens Kool, professor of Macroeconomics and International Monetary Economics. “The biggest gain from this was achieved. But that’s not enough. Now, Europe needs to focus on shaping its socio-economic policies and political integration. That’s in the hands of national politicians, who can’t achieve this without sufficient support from their constituents.”

      'Only through a positive approach will Europe stand strong'
      2 days 9 hours ago

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