Specialisation Tax and Technology

Are you a tech savvy and analytical thinker? Are you interested in the digital transformation of society and its potential impact on taxation? If so, the ‘Tax and Technology’ specialization of the IETL master’s programme is perfect for you. The rise of legal technology is rapidly changing the way in which we approach tax law. In the Tax and Technology specialisation, you will investigate the current technological trends and their tax-related transformations in parallel to your study of international and European tax law. This specialisation prepares you to become a tax lawyer of the digital technology era that is able to bridge the fields of taxation, data science and technology. Labour market demand for these tax and technology specialists is high and expected to increase.

On campus, if you can. Online, if you need to

In spite of the current COVID-19 pandemic and all the challenges it poses, we will continue to use the Problem-based-Learning we are so well-known for. Whether you will be able to come to Maastricht or not, we aim to offer you the small-scale, full of interaction education we stand for. Working together in small groups on relevant issues in an internationally-oriented setting remains at the core of our education.

Read more about the ‘on campus at the university if possible, online if necessary' approach of our faculty at the webpage 'Experience Maastricht!'. 

Additional contact possibilities for prospective master's students

Are you wondering what it is like to study law at Maastricht University? Because of the Corona crisis personal meetings and activities are not possible at the moment. But we are happy to offer you several other options to give you a feel of what it is like to study at the Faculty of Law. It is also possible to arrange a meeting via chat/Skype.

  • When prospective students ask me why they should come to Maastricht, I say: ‘Because it’s the best!’
    Atanas Atanasov, International and European Tax Law
  • Halfway through the programme, studying felt more like a hobby than an obligation
    Vincent Maessen (24, the Netherlands), International and European Tax Law
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