International and European Tax Law

Are you an analytical thinker? Are you interested in tax law, business, finance and politics? And can you see yourself advising international companies or private individuals on international tax issues? Then why not study International and European Tax Law? In addition to corporate taxation and international tax planning, you’ll study a broad range of related economic, legal and social topics. The programme is taught entirely in English, but if you’re a Dutch student, you can take an advanced Dutch course in corporation tax that will allow you to meet the membership requirements for the Dutch Order of Tax Advisors. The demand for tax law specialist outnumbers the supply, so upon graduation you'll find yourself in an excellent position. Almost all of our students find jobs as legal or financial consultants soon after they have graduated.

  • When prospective students ask me why they should come to Maastricht, I say: ‘Because it’s the best!’
    Atanas Atanasov, International and European Tax Law
  • Halfway through the programme, studying felt more like a hobby than an obligation
    Vincent Maessen (24, the Netherlands), International and European Tax Law


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    • Photo by Maastricht University Faculty of Law

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