European Public Affairs

Would you like to understand the European dimensions of governance? Do you hope to be a policymaker, tackling transnational problems and implementing transnational solutions? Or would you like to find new ways as a public affairs professional or lobbyist to get your issues on the agenda and influence policymakers? If you have the interest and the motivation, we can offer you the knowledge and the skills to succeed. 


The master's programme in European Public Affairs provides advanced professional training in both the theoretical and practical aspects of European policy-making. You will learn to think in European terms and will gain practical experience working in international teams to solve European policy problems from a multidisciplinary perspective. This will prepare you for an excellent career in European public affairs and public service.

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Romain Hanssen, Student Ambassador European Public Affairs

“I would like to continue to develop my skills in public affairs and communication within the scope of the European Union. My professional goal is to become a European civil servant and help institutions like the European Commission define their images and communicate their orientations and priorities to the media and public.

This programme is selective, intensive, and very practice oriented. We cover the learning material in the first half year and then enter a three-month internship. This master’s programme is an opportunity for me to complete my previous formation in political communication and lobbying with precious insights on European governance and crucial knowledge on the theoretical and practical aspects of European policymaking.

One of the best things about Maastricht University is its Problem-Based Learning system, where we get to work on real-world issues in small groups. We define and analyse the problem first and then tackle it with the help of our fellow students and tutors".  

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Romain Hanssen, Student Ambassador MA European Public Affairs 2021-2022

“The Problem-Based Learning system lets us work on real-world issues in small groups.”

Romain comes from Belgium, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of Liege and a master’s degree in communication, with a focus on political communication and lobbying, from the Free University of Brussels.

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