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  • Medicine


    In the master’s programme in Medicine, you’ll receive an extensive introduction to the practice of healthcare. As an intern, you’ll work in hospitals and clinics and will perform preparatory scientific research. After the master’s you will be a medical doctor (MD) and you'll be ble to specialise in, for example, in surgery or paediatrics. You can also pursue a career in scientific research.

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  • Mental Health

    Mental Health

    The master’s in Mental Health combines theory of psychiatric disorders with a large amount of practical training. You can do a clinical internship at a mental healthcare institute or take supplementary master classes. After you’ve obtained your degree, you can continue on to a post-doctoral training programme and become a mental health psychologist or a psychotherapist. But you’ll also get all the training you need to become a PhD candidate. Other career paths include positions as a therapist, diagnostician, consultant or advisor in (special) education or working with the mentally disabled.

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  • Physician-Clinical Investigator

    Heath Education and Promotion

    In the research master’s Physician-Clinical Investigator, you conduct patient-oriented research. You’ll also learn how to apply research in practice. You work as an intern in hospitals and you work as a student-researcher in research laboratories. Upon graduation, you’ll be a clinical researcher and a non-specialised starting physician. You’ll have the qualifications you need to specialise and find work at an (academic) hospital. But you could also pursue a career in research, as a PhD for example.

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