Art, Literature and Society

What critical role do artists, philosophers, writers and poets play in today’s society?  What is the point of art in public spaces? What can your role as a future student of culture mean to society? If you are passionate about such issues, the master’s programme in Art, Literature and Society could be the programme for you. The programme is aimed at critical and creative thinkers who have a large array of interests. As a graduate of this programme, you will have broad insights into modern day questions of national and international importance. You will also have experience conducting incisive debates and will be able to contribute to contemporary discussions surrounding art and literature.

You can choose to follow this programme completely in English or completely in Dutch.You will get an MA in Arts and Culture with a specialisation in Art, Literature and Society.

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Beata Stolnykh, Student Ambassador Art, Literature and Society

Beata is originally from Russia, has lived in the Netherlands since 1995 and chose Maastricht University for the Master’s programme Art, Literature and Society. “As a student I’m very impulsive and emotional but I feel very much at home in this Master’s programme because I feel supported and very well understood. I’ve found many like-minded people. What I’m really looking for is to have the freedom to pursue my own interests and to be supported in that. In the Master’s programme Arts, Literature and Society I’ve found an environment where I experience an exchange of knowledge with students as well as the professors and I feel inspired by that.”

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Beata Stolnykh, Ambassador Master Art, Literature and Society

“This is an inspiring environment with like-minded people where I can pursue my own interests.”

  • Everybody in my class comes from a completely different background and it helps you see things from different perspectives
    Nina Paszowski, Art, Literature and Society
  • I’m less quick to judge these days
    Vilja Bemelen (The Netherlands), Art, Literature and Society