European Studies: European Public Policy, Institutions and Governance

European Public Policy, Institutions and Governance examines the notoriously complex and dynamic workings of the EU. From agenda setting and decision making to policy implementation and evaluation, from how power and influence work in Brussels to how EU policies are applied in the member states – this specialisation gives you a behind-the-scenes look at each step in the process of EU policymaking and governance. You will learn about the EU institutions, analyse the transposition of European directives into national legislation, and examine the role of civil society in EU integration and policymaking. You will gain a thorough understanding of new modes of governance in the EU.

European Public Policy, Institutions and Governance is one specialisation in the Master European Studies. Discover also our other specialisations:

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Flavia-Gabriela Sandu, Student Ambassador European Studies: European Public Policy, Institutions and Governance

“I am impressed by the European Union as an institution and would like to contribute to it by working for the European Parliament or European Commission as a policy officer in the future. Alternatively, I would also like to work for a civil society organisation or non-profit organisation in an advocacy role. I would say an overarching goal of my career is positive reform within the EU, for it to become more democratic and transparent.

During my bachelor’s programme in Denmark, I discovered my interest in the European Union. I knew I wanted to continue in European Studies and came across this particular one-year master’s programme in Maastricht. I really liked what I saw when I was looking at the UM website. I like analysing and working on policy and therefore chose for a specialisation in Public Policy, Institutions and Governance. The one track that caught my eye, was the civil society and protest movements one, which we will have in period 5.

I was already used to the Problem-Based Learning method, which really fits my personal learning style. Although I did not look for a master’s curriculum with the same system, it was a very nice bonus. If you add that Maastricht is a wonderful city that I look forward to further exploring, you’ll understand that choosing for Maastricht University was an easy choice all in all.”

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Flavia Gabriela Sandy, Student Ambassador MA European Studies: European Public Policy, 2021-2022

“The Problem-Based Learning system is a wonderful bonus to this interesting master’s programme”

Before starting this master’s programme at Maastricht University (UM), Flavia finished a bachelor’s programme in Language and International Studies in English at Aalborg University, Denmark.


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