Master’s programmes

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  • Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology (Research)


    The research master in Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology is a programme that focuses on the roles of science, technology and the arts in modern culture. In two years, you will develop the analytical and methodological skills to pursue a career in research at a university or a knowledge institute such as a museum or an advisory board. 

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  • European Studies on Society, Science and Technology

    European Studies on society, science & technology

    European Studies on Society, Science and Technology will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary for understanding and managing the complex issues of modern innovation. The programme approaches these problems from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, such as political studies, cultural studies, innovation studies and social studies.

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  • Media Studies: Digital Cultures

    Politics and Society

    The master’s programme Media Studies: Digital Cultures Cultures focuses on digital media and electronic technologies, and takes a close look at the effects they have on our current media landscape. You will investigate the ongoing transformations in media studies and develop the skills to participate in these innovations. 

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