Tuition fees

  Spring 2017 Fall 2017 Spring 2018
Tuition fee € 7,800 € 7,900 € 7,900
Housing fee C-single* € 2,657 € 2,423 To be announced
Housing fee C-double* € 2,354 € 2,153 TBA
Housing fee P-single* € 3,589 € 3,245 TBA
Housing fee P-double* € 2,488 € 2,269 TBA
4-day European Study Trip Included Included Included
2-day Get to know the Netherlands cultural weekend Included Included Included

2-day Euregional field trip

Included Included Included

Airport pick up & drop off

Included Included Included

Extensive introduction programme

Included Included Included

Integration into Dutch student life

Included Included Included

On-site support throughout the programme

Included Included Included

Library and IT services





Included Included Included

Disability Management

Included Included Included

24/7 Emergency assistance

Included Included Included

*Most CES students stay in single or double rooms at the International Student Guesthouse of Maastricht University. Rooms in the P-building have a private kitchen and rooms in the C-building have communal cooking facilities; in both buildings the bathroom facilties are shared. Participants in the CES Open Enrolment Semester Programmes also have the option of subletting a room in a student house.

Additional expenses

Per semester

Visa & residence permit

**€ 321


€ 1000

Insurance (optional)

***€ 200


€ 1400

Books & materials

€ 350

Clothing & personal expenses

€ 475

Leisure expenses

€ 500

Bike (2nd hand)

€ 50-100

Gym membership

€ 65-135

Phone contract

€ 104

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Student expenses - typical monthly amounts

** Most students need a temporary Dutch residence permit (VVR) for stays longer than 90 days and some students might need a visa (MVV). CES will assist you with every part of this process. Please have a look at the visa section for more information.

*** Students need sufficient health care, liability and travel insurance for the duration of their stay. Most students are covered through their home university, but CES can assist you if you need to purchase your own.

How to pay

Who will receive an invoice?

When you decide to study with CES, you either receive an invoice from CES or you settle the costs with your home university or college. For more information please contact your own Study Abroad Advisor or CES.


Invoices will be sent out via regular mail approx. 6-8 weeks before the start of the programme. We've also created the following pdf for you with instructions on 'How to make a payment from the US'  


Prices are in EUROS. To convert to US dollars, please use the Oanda Currency converter.

Cancellation policy

The Center for European Studies incurs costs for each student we register. CES applies the following cancellation regulations:

  • If a student withdraws 8 weeks or more before the start of the programme, no costs will be charged with the exception of any non-refundable visa fees, where applicable.
  • If a student withdraws between 8 and 4 weeks before the start/arrival day of the program, CES will charge 5% of the tuition fee per student who is withdrawing + non-refundable costs made for visa applications.
  • If a student withdraws less than 4 weeks before the start/arrival day of the program, CES will charge 10% of the tuition fee per student who is withdrawing + non-refundable costs made for visa applications.

Exceptions to the abovementioned cancellation regulations will be reviewed by CES on a case-by-case basis.