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University College Maastricht is a Liberal Arts and Sciences Honours College that provides small-scale and individualised bachelor's education. At UCM, you will be part of a truly international community, working and socialising with students from more than 55 countries.

The exchange programme is a very important part of the UCM curriculum which is why UCM has around 50 exchange contracts with universities and colleges in 27 countries all over the world. Approximately 130 exchange students study at UCM every year. If you are studying at one of the UCM partner universities, you can come to UCM as an exchange student.

Get in touch with your home university to get more information about how to apply for a semester or full year at UCM. If your home university does not have an exchange agreement with UCM, you can still come as a fee paying contract student.

Exchange programmes at Maastricht University
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Use the link below to download an overview of UCM's partner universities. (PDF)

UCM partner universities (PDF)
Bachelor University College Maastricht
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If your home university isn’t a partner university UCM cannot accept you as an exchange student. Nevertheless, if you meet the eligibility requirements, you are still welcome to join UCM as a fee paying contract student.

As a contract student you are obliged to pay an enrolment fee and a tuition fee for the courses you wish to enroll in. For the academic year 2017 - 2018 the fees are:

  • €500 enrolment fee
  • €113 per ECTS - subject to change for 2018-2019

These fees are non-refundable and will have to be paid in advance.

Application requirements: you should be at least a second year undergraduate student at your home university at the time of participation and your GPA should be at least a 3.3 (B+) or equivalent to be admissible. After your application has been reviewed by UCM, we will inform you whether you can come as a fee paying student.

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Course offering

At UCM you will be able to choose courses in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences and create interdisciplinary combinations. UCM’s degree seeking students obtain 30 ECTS per semester, which is a typical study load and consists of 4 courses (each 5 ECTS), 2 skills (each 2.5 ECTS) and 1 project (5 ECTS). Depending on your home university’s requirements you can adjust the workload as long as you enrol in at least 20 ECTS. In general, you will need to attend at least 85% of your group meetings for a course, skill or project, in order to be eligible to attend the exam. 

Our course codes have 3 letters and 4 numbers. The three letter abbreviation refers to the concentration:

  • HUM – Humanities
  • SSC – Social Sciences
  • SCI – Sciences
  • COR – Academic Core
  • SKI – Skills
  • PRO – Projects

The 4 digit combination refers to the level of the course:

  • 1000 level – introductory
  • 2000 level – intermediate
  • 3000 level – advanced

To view the latest version of our course catalogue, please click here. If you are interested in intermediate/advanced courses with prerequisites, UCM will review your latest transcript to make sure you are eligible.

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The Dutch grading system, used from elementary through university education is the 1 to 10 scale given in the following table, wherein 10 is the highest grade, 5.5 the minimum pass  and 1 the lowest grade.

Educators uniformly comment on the great difficulty in obtaining 9's and 10's and the respectability of 6's. There is also agreement that an 8 represents a high level of achievement, while grades 6 and 7 generally account for the majority of passing grades awarded.

Letter Grade GPA Dutch Grade Description
A+ 4.0 8.6 - 10 Excellent
A 4.0 8.0 - 8.5 Very Good
A- 3.7 7.7 - 7.9 Very Good
B+ 3.3 7.4 - 7.6 Very Good
B 3 7.0 - 7.3 Very Good
B- 2.7 6.7 - 6.9 Good
C+ 2.3 6.4 - 6.6 Good
C 2.0 6.0 - 6.3 Pass
C- 1.7 5.5 - 5.9 Pass
D+ 1.3 5.4 Fail
D 1.0 5.0 - 5.3 Fail
D- 0.0 0.0 - 4.9 Fail


UCM Graduation
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Academic year

The academic year at UCM consists of a fall semester and spring semester, each containing 20 weeks. The fall semester starts in the last week of August or the first week of September and ends the final week of January. The spring semester starts in the last week of January or the first week of February and concludes around the first week of July. 

  • Each semester consists of 3 periods; 2 course periods (8 weeks each) and 1 project period (4 weeks)
  • Exchange students coming in Fall may decide not to take the project period in January and leave before Christmas, provided their home university agrees

Important dates:

Spring 2018

  • Introduction programme spring: 29 January - 31 January
  • Course period 4: 5 February - 30 March
  • Course period 5: 9 April - 1 June
  • Course period 6: 11 June - 6 July

Fall 2018

  • Introduction programme fall: 27 August - 29 August
  • Course period 1: 3 September - 19 October
  • Course period 2: 29 October - 14 December
  • Project period 3: 7 January - 1 February

Spring 2019

  • Introduction programme spring: 28 January - 30 January
  • Course period 4: 4 February - 29 March
  • Course period 5: 8 April - 31 May
  • Project period 6: 10 June - 5 July

General info

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  • Academic year

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UCM Admissions
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Application information

All exchange students must be officially nominated by their home university. Visit your home university’s international office to get more information about their procedure to apply for UCM. Once you are nominated, UCM will send you instructions regarding UCM’s online application instruction. If you are not studying at one of UCM’s partner universities you can come as a fee paying student. Check the “fees” subject under “General Information.

You will receive an email with our application information including instructions for your registration at Maastricht University (UM). After you complete the initial registration form, you will receive an email containing the user ID and password you will need for the application to UCM. Please note that your user ID and Password will be blocked if you do not complete the application form within 7 days after the registration.

UCM Quick Links
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English proficiency

Since the official language at UCM is English and all courses are taught in English, exchange students are required to have an advanced level of the English language to be able to successfully complete their courses.

The College’s English language requirements are TOEFL 575 (paper-based version), TOEFL 232 (computer-based version), TOEFL 90 points (internet-based version) or an IELTS test with a score of at least 6.5. Cambridge Advanced English (CAE) with minimum a B score and Cambridge Proficiency English (CPE) with at least a C score, are also accepted. Students from certain countries may submit alternative proof of language proficiency. Please contact your home international office for details

Find out more about the exams:


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Most exchange students book their room online at the University’s Guesthouse Maastricht for the duration of their stay. This organisation is affiliated with Maastricht University. You will have to pay a small application fee to get started but it will be a carefree experience from there on. With thousands of new students coming to Maastricht in August in preparation of the start of the academic year, there will be many others looking for a room as well. You are strongly advised to book your room as soon as you know you are coming to Maastricht.

There are 350 rooms for single or double occupancy and 45 rooms/studios specifically for Master’s students. The main buildings are located in the vicinity of University College Maastricht and are easily accessible by bicycle or on foot. Unfortunately, UCM cannot guarantee that all students who apply for a room in the Guesthouse UM actually get a room there. Applications are processed on a first-come-first-served basis, and UCM does not have an influence on that process.

If you want a room in the Guesthouse UM, go to the Guesthouse website and select the dates of your stay, and you will get an overview of available rooms. See UM Guesthouse for additional information on booking a room in the Guesthouse. If the Guesthouse UM is fully booked, or if you prefer to stay elsewhere, you can click on the option “Private market”. Here you will find rooms offered by private landlords or commercial companies.

Warning: in case of problems, the International Relations Office at UCM cannot and will not interfere on your behalf. In case of issues or legal disputes, with the Guesthouse UM, MaastrichtHousing, or any corporations or private persons, students or landlords linked to MaastrichtHousing or otherwise, you should consult with your own lawyer or the Student Law Agency.

The main Guesthouse reception desk is located at Brouwersweg 100, which is also where most of UCM's exchange students will reside during their stay in Maastricht. The reception desk is open on weekdays between 8.30 AM and 5:00 PM. A passport copy is required for check-in, and fees are payable in cash, with credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AmEx) or bank card.

If your arrival is after opening hours, you can still collect your room key from the security guard at the reception desk. Keep in mind however, that you will still need to complete your paperwork as soon as possible during office hours.

Guesthouse Maastricht website
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To study in the Netherlands, most non–EU nationals will need a residence permit. You can find more information about the requirements at, the official website for the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation department.

You will be contacted automatically by Maastricht University's Visa Office once your application is processed. The fee to obtain a residence permit for non-EU nationals is approximately €321 (January 2018).

If you are a Canadian, Australian or New-Zealand national you can apply for a one time Working Holiday Program or Working Holiday Schedule. You will have to initiate the process to obtain one of these permits yourself once you are in the Netherlands. You will pay approximately €55,-.

More information
Meet UCM
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Medical costs can be very high in the Netherlands, especially if you need to see a specialist or if you are hospitalised. It is therefore important that you are properly insured.

International students in the Netherlands are by law required to have adequate health and third party liability insurance. UM strongly recommends you to check, prior to your departure, both your health care and third party liability policies to make sure that you are covered abroad.

Students are also advised to have travel insurance which is also valid during your stay in the Netherlands, in particular if you plan on traveling during your exchange semester. Maastricht University doesn’t provide insurances. You are responsible for your own insurance and coverage.

Collaborative Learning
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Arrival, Pick-up & Buddy

Arrival Directions
It’s easiest to choose Amsterdam Airport – Schiphol,  or Brussels international Airport - Zaventem as your destination airport when booking your ticket and then take the train to Maastricht Central Station.

Amsterdam to Maastricht by train
Taking a train from Schiphol Airport to Maastricht Central Station is an easy three hours ride that costs about €26,- in fair (one way).

There are multiple connections every hour. Request a itinerary when purchasing your train ticket so you know when to change trains and at which track your connection leaves from. Most of the time your connection departs from the other side of the platform. Beware that in Sittard (stop after Roermond) the train will disconnect; one part has destination Maastricht and the other part will continue to Heerlen. Listen carefully for the announcement in the train or ask a conductor to make sure you are in the correct carriage.

In this Dutch rail journey planner you can personalize your travel itinerary: you will enter from Schiphol and to Maastricht.

If you have registered for the UCM pick up service, a Universalis Member will be there to welcome and guide you to your student housing address once you arrive at the Central Station. Otherwise there are busses and taxi’s waiting outside the terminal.

Brussels to Maastricht by train
The easiest form of transportation to Maastricht is by train. A one-way 2nd class ticket is about €13,- from Zaventem Airport.

In this Belgium rail journey planner you can personalize your travel itinerary: you will choose: (departure) Brussels Airport – Zaventem(Be) (destination) Maastricht (NL). You can indicate that you require a youth ticket for a reduced rate. If you have registered for the UCM pick up service, a Universalis Member will be there to welcome and guide you to your student housing address once you arrive at the Central Station. Otherwise there are busses and taxi’s waiting outside the terminal.

Pick up & Buddy
About 6 weeks prior to your arrival in Maastricht, a student of Universalis – our study association – will reach out to you with regards to pick-up. If you prefer, one of our students will meet you at the central train station in Maastricht and assist you to your accommodation. Keep an eye on your inbox and make sure to reply if you are interested.

If you would like to have a buddy who also studies at UCM and is an expert about UCM life, you can sign up for our buddy programme. It is a great opportunity to meet other UCM students, but also provides you with UCM buddies who can help you with all sorts of practicalities regarding your stay in Maastricht. Every buddy group has two UCM students, they will answer any questions you might have and organise several activities for the group, making it a lot of fun.

The road to UCM

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