Turkish language course

From the very first group lesson, an experienced teacher will help you build on your vocabulary and understand how the language works. You’ll use traditional learning methods as well as online learning tools, such as wikis, blogs and social media. The course focuses on speaking and listening skills. Additional work on grammar, as well as reading and writing skills, will support you in the language learning process. Your teacher will be a (near-) native speaker, and the group lessons will be conducted in Turkish. Instructions will only be given in Dutch or English if it’s absolutely necessary. 

Course description

Would you like to learn basic Turkish? This course, which consists of 14 two-hour lessons, is suitable for people with no prior knowledge of Turkish. You’ll learn the basics of the Turkish language and build a vocabulary that will allow you to express yourself in everyday life. An intake is not necessary.

Course material

  • will be supplied by tutor in first lesson

Date: The registration form shows the actual available groups.

Please note, this course only starts in February.

Certificate: Upon completion of the course requirements, you will receive a participation certificate by mail.


You can register for this course by using our registration form. After registering, you will receive a confirmation.


    • UM students € 295
    • UM staff and alumni € 360
    • All other participants € 460

    Certificate and ECTS credits

    After completing this course, you will receive a certificate and three ECTS credits. To be eligible for a certificate, you must attend at least 12 of the 14 lessons, be present at the final exam and have satisfactory results. To have these credits included on your degree certificate, you must submit a request to your Board of Examiners. Whether these points are granted depends on your faculty.