Tailor-made courses, various languages

Improve your knowledge of Dutch, English or other modern languages. Learn to express yourself effectively and correctly at work, in your studies or in your personal life. Whether you want to focus on your speaking, listening, reading or writing skills, this personalised course is designed to suit your specific needs.

You may have to attend meetings, give presentations or answer the phone in a highly specific context. Or you may need to know the professional jargon of a specific field, such as banking, medicine or real estate. Together with your tutor, you can build a programme that offers you exactly what you’re looking for. 

Tailor-made courses

This course is tailor-made. This means there is no set programme that we offer. Together with your tutor, you will decide what you want to focus on. The subject matter can also vary considerably, ranging from English for teachers to better presentations in French or medical Dutch for doctors, midwives and physiotherapists.  

Generally speaking, we can help you develop most language skills you’ll need in your personal, professional or academic life. These can be:

  • speaking and writing skills
  • pronunciation
  • effective presentation skills
  • professional jargon
  • speaking skills for phone conversations or meetings
  • writing skills for policy documents and meeting minutes

The level of the course can range from advanced to very advanced, and address personal, professional or academic goals.

Our personalised training is possible for any one of the following languages:

Arabic, Chinese, German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.


We welcome UM students and staff, as well as and external participants. If you are a staff member of the university, it is possible to organise a course for your department, service or faculty. There are no additional requirements.

Registration & Costs

Would you like to make an intake appointment or receive additional information? You can email us at Your-language-course[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl.

You will receive an offer from us, based on an intake meeting. If you agree with the offer, the tutor will set up a training programme with you. Naturally, the timetable will be made to fit your schedule.

Certificate and ECTS credits

This is a personalised course. Therefore, you will not receive ECTS credits or a certificate.