Spanish: writing skills coaching

If you use Spanish daily in your work or your study, but are unsatisfied with your writing skills, you might find it helpful to receive constructive feedback from a professional coach. In this course, ‘Spanish, writing skills coaching’, you will get exactly that. You send texts to your tutor, who then gives you feedback and comments on the work you have done. Based on this feedback, you rewrite the text until it is satisfactory. The emphasis of this approach lies in the individual needs of the participant, which can be quite varied.

Individual guidance

In this course, you will have a one-on-one contact with your Spanish tutor. After you submit your texts, you will receive feedback, either in face-to-face meetings, Skype sessions, emails or a combination of the three. Your tutor will also give you tips about other learning resources, such as books and websites. At the end of the course, you will get an evaluation about the progress you’ve made.

Before the course begins, the tutor will schedule a meeting with you and evaluate a text that you’ve written. Based on the evaluation, the tutor will advise you on whether to follow the four-, six- or eight-hour course option.


This course is for native speakers and advanced non-native speakers with a Spanish level or at least B2 in the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The CEFR provides a set of descriptors that can help you gauge your level of proficiency in any given language. To determine your current or target level, please download the PDF Levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (0.48MB).


In order to evaluate your level of Spanish and your specific needs and wishes, you will need to send a sample of your writing to our Spanish teacher, Mercè Minguella García. Please state in the subject field of the email: ‘text for the writing skills course’. Mercè will get in touch with you once she has received your writing sample.

Requirements for the writing sample
The text should represent the type of writing you wish improve. For instance, if you wish to improve your skills writing letters and emails, it is best to submit an example of a letter or a couple of emails.

Additional requirements:

  • The typed text must take up at least one page.
  • Do not let anyone else check your text.
  • Do not use a spell checker (the use of a dictionary is alright).
  • Remove confidential information from your text before sending it.



The basic option, 4 hours coaching

  • UM students and staff: €290
  • All other participants: €360

The plus option, 6 hours coaching

  • UM students and staff: €435
  • All other participants: €540

The top option, 8 hours coaching

  • UM students and staff: €580
  • All other participants: €720

Certificate and ECTS credits

This is an individual coaching course, so you will not receive a certificate or ECTS credits. But you will be given an evaluation that will indicate the progress you’ve made.