PhD Presentation Skills (Online)

Academic researchers are increasingly required to present their research at digital conferences and webinars. These presentations are often recorded; this enables your talk to be repeatedly viewed, shared and accessed by an even wider audience. Your presentation, thus, becomes a lasting digital artefact.

This course, developed by the Language Centre, aims to support you in developing the particular skills you need in order to become a competent presenter in a digital environment as well as face-to-face.

Course content includes effectively preparing your presentation, creating appropriate visual aids, developing audience awareness, delivering and structuring your talk, as well as confidently handling Q&A sessions. You will also have the opportunity to polish your oral communication skills and develop your ability to use language effectively to clearly convey your message. Moreover, the syllabus covers a wide range of issues that should be considered when preparing presentations in English for a multilingual, multicultural audience in a multimedia environment.

You will be required to give 3 presentations during the course. You could give a newly created presentation for an upcoming conference; you are also welcome to practice a presentation that you have already delivered. Zoom is used as the *course platform and each 90-minute session is recorded. Recorded presentations will be accessible via video links provided by the tutor and may be used for additional feedback purposes.

*you are required to download the Zoom desktop app onto your device for this course


  • Course duration of 10 weeks, 90-minute weekly webinars at a fixed time,
  • Practice delivering 3 presentations designed for professional and lay audiences,
  • Focused feedback from the tutor and classmates.

Course requirement

You must give all required presentations and attend 8 out of 10 webinars in order to receive the course certificate.


Course duration of 10 weeks, 90-minute weekly webinars at a fixed time.

Group size

The course can accommodate 10 participants.

CEFR attainment levels


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This course is considered to be worth 1 ECTS depending on faculty policy.


€ 550

UM PhD candidates may be eligible for funding provided by their department or faculty. Please check with your employer whether you are eligible for such funding. If so, you are required to provide the Language Centre with:

  • name of the person responsible for payment
  • your faculty
  • your department
  • personnel number (700……)
  • For PhD candidates of FHML, MaCSBIO, M4I or Merln the course fee is funded until further notice. Providing department and personnel number is sufficient. 

If you are not eligible for departmental funding, the Language Centre will send you an invoice directly. Please note that registration is an agreement to pay.


The registration form shows the actual available groups.The course starts in principle multiple times per academic year. 


Please register using our registration form. Use status 'UM PhD candidate' if you are a PhD candidate.


“I can truly recommend the English Presentation Techniques course. Constructive criticism and practical tips for improvement allowed me to take my presentation techniques to the next level. I still use what I learned in this course today! "

Julienne Erckens | Marketing and Communications Manager | Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


" During the 34th International Symposium on Forecasting in Rotterdam, I received lots of more questions and comments on my presentation than other presenters. I guess concentrating on few main points and having an effective opener allowed more people to follow. I also received constructive feedback on a poster at a conference a week ago. So, thanks for an effective presentations skills course."

Jan Lohmeyer | School of Business and Economics | Department of Quantitative Economics