Lab Animal Science

The Dutch Law on Animal Experiments (Wet op de Dierproeven, Wod) states that no animal experiment shall be carried out unless the way in which the experiment is to be conducted has been determined by a person whose qualifications satisfy certain legal requirements (ex art. 9 Wod). One of these requirements is the successful completion of this course on Lab Animal Science.


Beside the successful completion of a course in Lab Animal Science, an art. 9 certified researcher needs a MSc degree in a biological or zootechnical discipline including:

  • knowledge of basic subjects of biology up to 18.75 EVTS (18.75 European Credit Transfer System points = 500 study-hours) including:
  • at least 7.5 ECTS on anatomy/zoology AND 7.5 ECTS on physiology.


Mrs. drs. S. Seeldrayers, UNS 50
Information Lab Animal Science course: Secretary Lab Animal Facility

Target group

PhDs and researchers involved in (future) animal experiments.


The object of this course is to present basic facts and principles that are essential for the humane use and care of laboratory animals and for the quality of research.

Duration and Schedule

This course lasts three weeks*, from 19 April 2021 until 12 May 2021, attendance is obligatory.


Lectures, discussions and trainings. Judging experiments on animals and writing an experimental design ('DEC-concept').


A written exam will be taken at the end of this course. If the participant has met all legal requirements and has succesfully passed the exam, he/she will receive a certificate. Otherwise, for example, if you have not (yet) obtained a Master degree, you will receive a written confirmation that you followed the course and succesfully passed the exam.

Written exam

Min/Max number of PhD candidates:
Maximum number of participants is 30. Registration is on first come-first serve basis.

Course credits:
Number of course credits: 35. The number of credits that can be obtained after successful completion of the course is 80 SBU's / 3 ECTS.


Registration form

Registration form LAS Course   

The supervisor has to agree with the costs.

Course fees
PhD candidates (Promovendi) of FHML, MaCSBIO, M4i and MERLN:

  • Basic Course (BAS) €880
  • Basic Course with rodents and rabbit (BKK) €1012,50
  • Species-specific course (SS) €355
  • Module EU1: National and international legislation €250 


  • Basic Course (BAS) €1870
  • Basic Course with rodents and rabbit (BKK) €2150
  • Species-specific course (SS) €760
  • Module EU1: National and international legislation €475.