Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship for Scientists

InSciTe offers a unique course of intellectual property and entrepreneurship for scientists. During the course, you will receive a practical introduction to the fundamentals of intellectual property law, research policy and entrepreneurship. The aim is to enable you to think strategically about intellectual property rights (IPR) held by others, as well as intellectual property that you may develop in the course of your research.

    Course outline

    The course has two modules:  

    1. intellectual property in innovative science 
    2. IPR-intensive entrepreneurship

    Each module is offered over the course of 2.5 days.  Upon successful completion of the two modules, the certificate will be issued by the Maastricht University Faculty of Law, which may also be used for two ECTS credits towards the completion of the Advanced Master in Intellectual Property and Knowledge Management.

     Download a full description of the modules


    Professional skills

    The course will train you in professional skills such as:

    • searching for patents
    • reading a patent document
    • landscaping of a technological field
    • observing confidentiality
    • developing negotiation strategies when dealing with investors
    • understanding contracts

    Expert instructors

    The course is taught by intellectual property specialists from various domains, including lawyers specialising in IP and litigation and transaction practice, a patent attorney and an economist:

    • Prof. Anselm Kamperman Sanders: professor of intellectual property law at UM (coordinator)
    • Dr. Cees Mulder: associate professor of intellectual property law at UM, and European Patent Attorney
    • Prof. Meir Pugatch: professor of intellectual property valorisation, entrepreneurship and management at UM, and CEO of the Pugatch Consilium
    • Prof. Dick van Engelen: professor of intellectual property litigation and transaction practice at UM, and attorney at law with Ventoux Lawyers

    How to apply


    Please note that in order to apply at the Faculty of Law, you first need to register at Maastricht University (UM). After completion of the initial registration form, you will receive an email containing the User ID and Password which you need for the application to the Faculty of Law. If you have any questions concerning your registration and application at Maastricht University, please contact us via[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl

    To register at Maastricht University, please go to: MyUM account form
    Complete all required fields on the form (marked with an *) and other relevant fields. If you need help with a specific question, click on the question mark.

    Within 24 hours, you will receive an email at the email address you entered on the registration form (so make sure you enter the correct data). Please go to your inbox and follow the instructions in this email, which will contain your user ID and password.

    Please go to the MyUM portal for the online APPLICATION, and enter your user ID and password in order to log on: Click on ADMISSIONS and choose "new application" to go to the application form.

    Make sure to enter the following data:
    Faculty--> choose "Faculty of Law  (FdR)"
    Program of study --> choose "Law: InSciTe" 
    If you do not select the correct programme of study, this might cause a delay in your application.

    Please note that you have to fill out the period as follows:
    Start: 01-03-2016
    End: 31-05-2016

    Required documents

    You will need to upload the following documents while filling in the online application, so please have them ready in digital form:
    • a copy of your passport 
    • a portrait photo that we need for your UM id card
    • a curriculum vitae
    • a completed information form