Health Technology Assessment

This postgraduate course addresses Health Technology Assessment (HTA). It provides an in-depth theoretical and practical foundation on HTA and focusses on trial-based economic evaluation (cost-effectiveness research), i.e. full economic evaluations in all its steps based on effectiveness studies.

Major themes

Major themes are:

  • Framing an economic evaluation study
  • Costing in economic evaluation study
  • Outcomes assessment and quality of life (QALY)
  • Synthesising cost and effects
  • Uncertainty and Reporting

“This postgraduate course provides a perfect combination of theory and hand on practice for all professionals who are starting with Health Technology Assessment, both in research and in management. Participants are free to bring and discuss their own subjects.”

Silvia Evers, professor in Public Health Technology Assessment


The objective of this course is to learn about economic evaluation of healthcare programmes. The focus is on how to perform trial-based economic evaluations. This course combines a deepening of understanding of the theoretical concepts with a hands-on training of the basic elements of a cost-effectiveness analysis.


Participants in this course are healthcare managers, consultants, medical doctors and graduates from universities and universities of applied sciences who wish to enhance their knowledge about Health Technology Assessment and to improve their skills on health economic evaluations.

Teaching methods

Problem-Based Learning, group assignments, workshops, formal lectures, interactive lectures, group discussion, and trainings.

Teaching staff

The teaching staff of the course consists of experts on HTA from Maastricht University, professor Silvia Evers and professor Manuela Joore.

Admission requirements

 Master’s degree or an equivalent
 Sufficient English skills


  • You can apply until 12 May 2019.
  • The course will only take place when we have a certain minimum number of participants.
  • The maximum amount of participants is 25.

Fill in the application form and send it to study-fhml[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl 


Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate.

Course fee

The course fee is € 995,00 The fee includes teaching materials, catering, lunches and on the 2nd course-day a closing certificate ceremony with drinks.

Not included are travel expenses, dinner and accommodation costs. If there is sufficient interest, the faculty will see if a dinner can be organised at a reduced rate.

Detailed programme

Day 1

9.00-10.00       Introduction
10.00-11.00     Lecture Introduction of HTA
11.00-12.00     Lecture Framing an economic evaluation study
12.00-13.00     Lunch
13.00-14.00     Lecture Outcomes assessment and quality of life
14.00-15.00     Break & Training (group assignment and workshop)
15.00-16.00     Interactive lecture with discussion and feedback on assignment
16.00-17.00     Consultation


Day 2

9.00-10.00       Lecture Costing in economic evaluation study
10.00-11.00     Break & Training
11.00-12.00     Lecture and feedback
12.00-13.00     Lunch
13.00-14.00     Lecture Synthesizing cost and effects
14.00-15.00     Break & Training (group assignment and workshop)
15.00-16.00     Interactive lecture with discussion and feedback on assignment
16.00-17.00     Lecture Uncertainty
17.00-20.00     Closing certificate ceremony, with drinks

More information

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Email: study-fhml[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl