German: Free German course for 3rd year bachelor's and master's students

Englisch ein Muss, Deutsch ist ein Plus

Employers consider language skills as one of the most important skills for future graduates. There is an increasing demand in border regions for bi-lingual professionals for developing border trade. 

Did you know that:

  • German is the most widely spoken language in Europe
  • Germany has the 3rd strongest economy and is the #1 export nation in the world
  • Germany is the third largest contributor to research and development
  • Germany is by far the Netherlands’ most important trade partner

In short, mastering German creates business opportunities in Germany, your own country and elsewhere. It helps improve your performance for an employer with international business connections. For that reason Maastricht University (UM) now offers third-year bachelor's and master's students a FREE Advanced German language course at B2 (DE-4) or B2+ (DE-5) level.

This FREE advanced German Language course is part of a UM policy to enlarge the career opportunities for UM graduates * in or beyond the Euregion. Join us for a regular, 14-week in-class German language proficiency training at B2 (DE-4) or B2+ (DE-5) level at the UM Language Centre. 

Additional modules

In addition, you have the option to enroll for an external language test (at a Goethe Exam Centre) AND/OR to sign up for extra support on how to write a German CV and prepare for an interview. The language centre will charge you an additional fee for the the external language assessment and the follow-on course.

Additional module 1: Preparation for an assessment at a Goethe Exam centre

After your German language course you can opt for an external validation of your language level via a Goethe Exam Centre.   

This means:

  • After DE-4 course, preparation for exam at B2 level.
  • After DE-5 course, preparation for exam at C1 level.

Extra training:

  • 4x 2 hours training per skill, in total 8 hours
  • in groups of 8 to 10 students

Or if we do not have a complete group (additional charges: € 125,00 + the costs for the external assessment):

  • individual coaching (min. 2 students)
  • a reader 

Additional module 2: Application in German

Before starting with the follow on course, you have to follow two workshops (€ 15,00 per workshop) in English at the SSC:

  • Interview
  • C.V. check and application letter

We advise you to follow the next 2 workshops as well to gain a better understanding of their career question:

  • Comprehensive profile
  • Personal branding

The module consists of two separate components: 

General training

General training of 4 x 1 hour: essential vocabulary, grammar, speech acts and sentences 

  • Reader, vocabulary profession specific domains (for example FIN, LAW, MED. ECON.)
  • Self-study: 8 -16 hours
  • Groups of 7 – 10 students  

Additional costs for this component: € 75,00

Individual coaching

Individual coaching :  Application letter and interview support/ German CV check (1,5 hour)

In case we do not have a complete group we offer: 

  • individual coaching (minimum of 2 students). 

This includes:

  • reader, general and profession specific 
  • 1 hour training/instruction

Additional costs for this component 2: € 110,00


A good knowledge of German is requested. Prerequisites are a previous German language module or a compulsory intake interview.


You can register via our online registration form. Please provide your student number and select the status ‘UM 3rd year bachelor's student’ or 'UM master's student'. 

Our general terms and conditions apply to this course. If you cancel your registration or fail to attend the course, we shall charge a cancellation fee of 30 euros.

To find out more about our courses and schedules please go to our general German course page.