English as a Medium of Instruction

The purpose of the EMI workshops is to introduce participants to the basic characteristics of teaching through the medium of English and to provide opportunities to develop strategies that support teaching and learning in the participants’ local context.

Who is this training for?

These workshops are designed for any higher education/university teaching staff who are currently teaching, or are scheduled to teach, through the medium of English for a multilingual and multicultural classroom setting.

Why follow an EMI workshop?

The EMI workshop is devised to specifically address the challenging aspects of teaching course content through a language that is not your first language. It is not a case of simply translating existing course materials into English. There are many aspects that need to be considered in ensuring a quality delivery of course content.

"The TAEC EMI workshop was very well organised and taught, despite having to go online at short notice. It was very valuable to exchange ideas and best practices with other educators about EMI. I would definitely recommend it to others!"

Meredith Bradt | Deputy Managing Director, Marketing & Communications

EMI workshop: 3 day face to face course

(subject to COVID-19 restriction regulations)

Course content:

  • Immersive and interactive,
  • with attendees responding to the workshop materials and assigned self-reflection questions and activities
  • tailored to attendees’ own context and discussions specific to participants’ own experiences.

The EMI teachers’ handbook (attached) provides the backbone to the course.

You can download the handbook in a Pdf version or e-pages version.


Each session is of 6.5 hours duration, with time allowed for lunch and breaks. The 3 days do not need to be consecutive days; for example, the workshop could be held one day per week for three weeks or one day per month for three months.


  • Day 1: Teaching considerations in the EMI context
  • Day 2: Language Use in the EMI classroom
  • Day 3: Intercultural Communication in EMI

“The EMI Workshop was very helpful to me because we could share our knowledge and experiences with the group during the sessions. Even though I have become more proficient in English as my second language over time, it is still good to reflect on its use in a classroom setting in which English may also be a second language for the students. Therefore, I found this workshop to be insightful as a course coordinator and tutor especially.”

Eveline Persoon, MSc | EDLAB Programming and Logistics Coordinator



EMI workshop: online course

Course content:

  • An introductory meeting at the start of the course
  • 3 x 1.5-hour open discussion meetings, each of which will focus on a topic in the EMI teachers’ handbook.
  • Participants are expected to take a more autonomous role in their learning, by watching video-recorded materials and following their way through the three key topics in the handbook.


Conducted over three weeks (or longer if preferable) – there are 4 x 1.5-hour Zoom meetings during this course.


  • Online Discussion Session 1: Introductory meeting
  • Online Discussion Session 2: Teaching considerations in the EMI context
  • Online Discussion Session 3: Language Use in the EMI classroom
  • Online Discussion Session 4: Intercultural Communication in EMI

You can download the handbook in a Pdf version or e-pages version.

Learning outcomes - by the end of this course you will be able to:

  • A better understanding of the pedagogical skills necessary with teaching in an EMI context
  • An awareness of how the English language is best applied in the EMI classroom
  • The communication skills required to navigate the intercultural classroom

More about the Erasmus+ TAEC project

Erasmus +

The EMI-handbook is a result of a European collaboration, supported by the EU Commission within the frame of the Erasmus+ program. The handbook was developed by the TAEC project team to raise awareness about the teaching approaches, language uses, and intercultural communication in the EMI context at non-Anglophone universities. For more background information about the project please see the TAEC project page.

The handbook focuses on how teachers can implement English medium instruction, ensuring quality in delivery while taking into consideration the local classroom characteristics and educational culture.