Dutch: B@sic Dutch for German speakers (students only)

Are you starting your studies at Maastricht University but don’t speak Dutch yet? Then this is the perfect course for you. In seven weeks, you will learn basic Dutch with a focus on speaking and listening skills. During these lessons we will also make use of an interactive, digital environment.

Together with around 16 other participants, you will follow two-hour group lessons. For each lesson you will need to invest at least three more hours of independent online self-study. This course consists of two modules. The first module is aimed at beginners, while the second module is suitable for people who already speak very basic Dutch. 


If you already know some Dutch, there are two modules you can sign up for:

  • do you know only a few phrases of Dutch? Then you should sign up for module 1.
  • do you know more than a few phrases of Dutch? Then you should send an email to our intake team.They will decide if you can sign up for module 2.

Required material

You will need the following books:
 Module 1 Deel 1.* 978-90-469-0566-1
 Module 2 Deel 2.* 978-90-469-0379-7

*  is website based, so make sure you buy a new book (not second hand).
Since the code to get access to the website is a personal code, you cannot use the code in a used book.

Normally, the Study Store (Maastricht, inner city) has these books in stock. Of course, you can also buy them online.

ECTS Credits

To receive a participation certificate, you must actively participate in 6 of the 7 sessions and satisfactorily complete all homework.

This course represents 1 ECTS, but not all faculties grant ECTS for this course. Please ask your faculty if you would like to know if they grant ECTS for this course or not.


Cost per module

  • 1st year UM bachelor and 1st year UM master students (exchange students excluded): for free
  • Other UM students (including exchange students): € 75 per module
  • Hogeschool Zuyd students: € 157 per module

Module 1: Places are limited. The registration form shows the actual available groups.

30 October - 11 December 2017, Monday 13.30-15.30

31 October - 12 December 2017, Tuesday 13.30-15.30

31 October - 12 December 2017, Tuesday 16.00-18.00

1 November - 13 December 2017, Wednesday 11.00-13.00

1 November - 13 December 2017, Wednesday 13.30-15.30

1 November - 13 December 2017, Wednesday 16.00-18.00

2 November - 14 December 2017, Thursday 13.30-15.30

2 November - 14 December 2017, Thursday 16.00-18.00

3 November - 15 December 2017, Friday 08.30-10.30


Module 2:

1 November - 13 December 2017, Wednesday 18.30-20.30

2 November - 14 December 2017, Thursday 18.30-20.30


You can register for a course module by using our registration form. After registering, you will receive a confirmation.

Please note, registering for Module 2 is only possible when you have passed Module 1 or already know some Dutch and had an intake with one of our staff members.

Would you like to meet us for an intake? You can email us to make an appointment, free of charge. The appointment will take place at the Maastricht University Language Centre (Sint Servaasklooster 32).

Please book your intake well before the course is scheduled to begin. This will make it easier to make the appointment, and it is more likely that the group you’d like to join is not full yet.