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  • PBL and Academic Skills (SSP1022)

    Start: Period 1, Semester 1


    Skills training

    This master’s course aims to equip students with the communications competences required of sustainability professionals, whether in the public, private, or social sector. The knowledge and expertise students acquire throughout the master’s programme must be communicated effectively to a wide audience to leverage impact for sustainable development. The course includes two core components addressing writing and presenting, and is complemented by trainings in PBL (Problem-Based-Learning) and Intercultural Communication.

  • Thesis Research and Writing (SSP3021)

    Start: Period 5, Period 6



    The Master’s thesis builds on knowledge, attitude and skills (competencies) you have acquired in the courses of the SSP programme. Content-wise, your thesis should focus on a real-world sustainable development problem and comprise an (integrative) analysis that might result in recommendations for further research and/or policymaking in pursuit of sustainable development. Methodologically, your thesis should be based on a scientific approach in the emerging field of Sustainability Science and, where appropriate, makes use of different methods for data collection and analysis.