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  • Capstone SBE (CAP3999)

    Start: Period 3, Period 6

    School of Business and Economics


    Capstone SBE

  • Marble Research (PSY3501)

    Start: Year

    Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience


    Marble Research

  • Sustainability Assesment Skills (SSP4011)

    Start: Period 1, Period 2, Period 3



    Sustainability Assessment (SA) can be defined as a structured process dealing with a sustainability issue, using knowledge from various scientific disciplines and/or stakeholders, such that integrated insights are made available to decision makers. Applying SA in practice requires specific skills. The aim of this skills course is that students learn to apply some widely-used methods/tools of SA, and become familiar with its rules of application, strengths, and pitfalls.

  • Thesis Proposal (RES5511)

    Start: Period 5

    Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


    Thesis Proposal