Italian language course

Would you like to get a basic introduction to Italian or practise Italian at a professional level? This course, divided into four modules, is for every level of proficiency and for different situations, including work, study and holiday.  

From the very first group lesson, an experienced teacher will help you build on your vocabulary and understand how the language works. You’ll use traditional learning methods as well as online learning tools, such as wikis, blogs and social media. The course focuses on speaking and listening skills. Additional work on grammar, as well as reading and writing skills, will support you in the language learning process. Your teacher will always be a (near-) native speaker, and the group lessons will be conducted in Italian at A1 level. Instructions will only be given in Dutch or English if it’s absolutely necessary.

After completing the fourth module, you’ll be able to communicate well in Italian, whether you are writing, speaking, presenting or debating.

Module 1

Module 1 is suitable for people with no prior knowledge of Italian. Once you have finished this module, you will be able to:

  • greet people
  • introduce yourself and others
  • ask for personal information
  • give personal information yourself
  • discuss simple matters in past or the present tense
  • place an order in a restaurant or a cafe
  • inquire about travel, transportation, itinerary or prices
  • indicate time, date, days and months of the year  

Required material for Module 1

Azzurro 1 (incl. audio CD) uitgeverij Intertaal. ISBN 978 90 5451 8495.

Module 1: The registration form shows the actual available groups.

6 February - 22 May 2018, Tuesday 18.30-20.30


Module 2

Module 2 is suitable for people with a basic knowledge of Italian and people who have passed Module 1. Once you have completed this module, you will be able to:

  • talk about different places, situations or holidays
  • describe people and emotions in the past
  • compare and describe objects
  • conduct a job interview
  • give advice
  • express taste and preferences
  • discuss the human body, colours, forms, sizes and clothes
  • ask questions about products and purchase products in a shop 

Required material for Module 2

Azzurro 1 (incl. audio CD) uitgeverij Intertaal. ISBN 978 90 5451 8495.

Module 2: The registration form shows the actual available groups.

NB In case there are not enough participants for the course it will be given online (IT online)

7 February - 23 May 2018, Wednesday 18.30-20.30


Module 3

Module 3 is for people with intermediate knowledge of Italian, meaning you should be able to make yourself understood in common everyday situations. You will learn how to:

  • lead a debate
  • give presentations about a current topic
  • discuss familiar topics
  • express your feelings and your wishes
  • share your opinion

Required material for Module 3

 Percorso Italia B1-B2 - Garzanti - ISBN 978-88-480-4042-6 available at the Study Store or via:

Please check if the ISBN number is the same! 

Module 3: This course is an online course. Please see IT online for more info.



Module 4

Module 4 is for people with a fairly high level of Italian.
Meaning you are able to make yourself understood in common everyday situations even though you might not have the all the necessary vocabulary. In this module you will improve your ability to debate and present certain topics and you will learn to:

  • express cause
  • purpose and effect
  • express wishes and consent
  • argue, eveluate and persuade
  • make notes and summaries
  • discuss topics such as climate, society, politics and culture
  • make complaints, decline offers and express your own needs

Required material for Module 4

  Percorso Italia B1-B2 - Garzanti - ISBN 978-88-480-4042-6, available at the Study Store or via:

Please check if the ISBN number is the same! 

Module 4: This course is an online course . Please see IT online for more info.




UM students, staff and external participants are welcome to join the course. If you have no prior knowledge of Italian, you can simply register for Module 1 without first doing an intake. If you would like to take the second module, you must first successfully complete the previous module, or have a comparable level of Italian. If you have not completed Module 1, you will need to have an intake with one of our staff members before registering for Module 2, to insure your knowledge of the language is suitable for this module. 

The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) provides a set of descriptors that can help you gauge your level of proficiency in any given language. To determine your current or target level, please download Levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (PDF, 0.48MB).


You can register for a course by using our registration form. After registering, you will receive a confirmation.

Would you like to meet us for an intake or receive more information? You can email us at languages-intake-IT to make an appointment, free of charge. The appointment will take place at the Maastricht University Language Centre (Sint Servaasklooster 32).

Book an intake well before the course is scheduled to begin. It will be simpler to make the appointment and you will have a greater chance of finding a place in the module that’s right for you.

Costs per module

  • UM students € 295
  • UM staff and alumni € 360
  • All other participants € 460

Certificate and ECTS credits

After completing a module, you will receive a certificate and three ECTS credits. To be eligible for a certificate, you must attend at least 12 of the 14 sessions, be present at the end exam and have satisfactory results. 

Italian module CEFR level
1 A1
2 A2
3 B1
4 B2