Why this programme

There are many reasons to enrol in the Foundation Programme, such as familiarising yourself with the culture and a new style of learning, to becoming eligible for the bachelor's programme of your choice. In addition, the Foundation Programme offers additional support to help you with some of the challenges that come with living abroad, for instance: applying for a visa, looking for housing and taking out insurance.

The Foundation Programme will help you get started

The switch from high school to university education can be challenging, especially when you are planning to study abroad. To give yourself the best chance of succeeding at your study, you should prepare properly for this challenge.

In the Foundation Programme, you will be able to familiarise yourself with a new culture and adjust to a new style of learning. It will help you be able to ‘hit the ground running’ and get the most out of your university education.

Other practical matters, such as banking, transportation and insurance will be taken care of during the first week of the Foundation Programme with the support of the Foundation Programme staff.

We will train and test you in a variety of ways to prepare you for the future bachelor’s exams, we will introduce basic academic study skills and we will do all of this in the Problem-based Learning system that characterises Maastricht University.

The Foundation Programme staff and mentors offer additional support with practical issues to help you settle in Maastricht. Before you arrive, we will apply for your visa (if you need one) and will provide you with information about housing options. Once you have arrived in Maastricht you will join our introduction period and we will assist you in all the things you need to know as a new international student in Maastricht. 

Become eligible for a bachelor's programme

Successfully passing all parts of the Foundation Programme makes you eligible for the Maastricht University bachelor's programme you applied for.

All the Foundation Programme graduates were offered a place in the programme of their choice, even though some bachelor's programmes have an additional selection procedure and do not automatically place eligible students.

  • 75% of all Foundation Programme students finished the programme successfully
  • 100% of our graduates were accepted into a bachelor's programme

If a student should fail the Foundation Programme, we help them look for a suitable study alternative. We have been able to assist several students in finding an alternative study location after the Foundation Programme.

1+3 years = a bachelor's degree

Successfully passing the one-year Foundation Programme will make you eligible for a bachelor's study at UM. The bachelor's programmes last three years. This means you can obtain a bachelor's degree within four years. Master's programmes take one or two years additionally.