English: Effective communication

Would you like to become confident in English? Do you want to be more skilled at using English in day-to-day life? And would you like to take a course that specifically focusses on improving the English that you’ll use in real-life situations? Then you should consider taking one of our Effective Communication courses. These courses will help you communicate more accurately and effectively in both study and work environments. You’ll work on improving your English skills through practicing a variety of tasks, such as discussions, negotiations, and teamwork reports. After you’ve taken this course you’ll be able to interact in English with a higher degree of fluency and spontaneity.

Content, format, activities

Effective Communication Intermediate 3 and 4
These courses are perfect course if you would like to improve your communication skills and acquire a better understanding of grammar, spoken English, listening comprehension and writing skills. Both these courses require the same level of English, so it’s possible to start with Intermediate 4 and do Intermediate 3 later.

Compulsory literature

New Language Leader Upper Intermediate Coursebook, ISBN 9781447961543

Effective Communication Advanced 5 or 6
These advanced courses are ideal for people who have acquired a good standard of English but want to reach a higher level of fluency and accuracy. Both these courses require the same level of English, so it’s possible to start with Advanced 5 and do Advanced 6 later.

Compulsory literature

New Language Leader Advanced Coursebook, ISBN 9781447961420

Admission requirements

This course is open to UM students, employees and external clients. You are required to attend an intake interview prior to the course to ensure that the course matches your level of English proficiency.

Certificate and ECTS credits

After completing the course, you will receive a certificate and two ECTS credits. After you’ve taken this course, you will be able to communicate in English with a higher degree of fluency. If you’ve attended at least 8 out of the 10 sessions, you’ll receive a Maastricht University Language Centre certificate.


The price for a 10-class course is:

  • UM student € 295
  • UM staff € 350
  • Others € 395

Dates and times (10 weekly sessions)


The registration form shows the actual available groups.  
Intermediate 3 Starts 6 February 2018. Ends 17 April 2018. (no lesson with Carnival 13 February 2018) Tuesday 13.30-15.30
Intermediate 4

Starts 1 May 2018. Ends 3 July 2018.

Tuesday 13.30-15.30
Advanced 5

Starts 6 February 2018. Ends 17 April 2018.  (no lesson with Carnival 13 February 2018)            

Tuesday 16:00-18.00
Advanced 6

Starts 1 May 2018. Ends 3 July 2018.

Tuesday 16.00-18.00