Baylor Summer 2

If you’re interested in culture and arts then there’s no better place to be this summer than Europe!

Baylor Summer II gives you the opportunity to be surrounded by and see first-hand the rich cultural history and exquisite artistry that Europe possesses. Your 6-week study abroad programme combines rigorous academics and generous travel opportunities into one summer, so that you earn credits whilst you experience Europe.

Create the curriculum you need by combining one class offered by CES with one taught by a Baylor faculty member. You’ll start your adventure with a three-day group trip, study for approximately one month and then have the opportunity to travel. To make independent and weekend travel even easier you’ll receive a Eurail pass which is valid in over 20 European countries. There is even a meal plan included in the programme which includes a cash allowance when travelling.

Programme dates:
Monday 1 July - Saturday 10 August 2019

Use your summer to earn credits, explore Europe and create friendships.