Minors / Electives at FHML

The FHML offers a number of minors/electives for FHML students, students from other faculties within Maastricht University or at other Dutch universities. This website provides information about the programme offer and registration. Exchange students from abroad are also most welcome to study at the FHML.


Programme offer

ECTS: European Credit Transfer System. One credit represents 28 hours of study.

Bachelor's programme in Health Sciences (taught in Dutch)
It is only possible to follow a track. 'Shopping' (choosing modules from different tracks per period) is not possible.

It is not necessary to follow the whole track. You can quit after period 1 or 2 but it is not possible to enroll in a track in period 2 or 3 if you have not first followed the courses in the previous period(s).

Track: Biology and Health
 Period 1 (12 ECTS): Leven in Evenwicht (BGZ2021), Vaardigheden Leven in Evenwicht (BGZ2221) and Uit de Ivoren Toren, Wetenschap als Mensenwerk BGZ (GZW2221)
 Period 2 (12 ECTS): De Continuïteit van het Leven (BGZ2022), Vaardigheden De Continuïteit van het Leven (BGZ2222) and De Maatschappij in de Wetenschap en de Wetenschap in de Maatschappij BGZ (GZW 2222)
 Period 3 (6 ECTS): Aanval en Verdediging (BGZ2023) and Vaardigheden Aanval en Verdediging (BGZ2223)

Track: Health Policy
 Period 1 (12 ECTS): Zorg in Context (BMZ2021), Vaardigheden Zorg in Context (BMZ2221) and Uit de Ivoren Toren, Wetenschap als Mensenwerk BMZ (GZW2231)
 Period 2 (12 ECTS): Schaarste in de Zorg (BMZ2022), Vaardigheden Schaartse in de Zorg (BMZ2222) and De Maatschappij in de Wetenschap en de Wetenschap in de Maatschappij BMZ (GZW2232)
 Period 3 (6 ECTS): Kijken in de Zorg (BMZ2023) and Vaardigheden Kijken in de Zorg (BMZ2223)

Track: Health Promotion
 Period 1 (12 ECTS): Uitdagingen in Public Health (PGZ2021), Vaardigheden Uitdagingen in Public Health (PGZ2221) and Uit de Ivoren Toren, Wetenschap als Mensenwerk PGZ (GZW2251)
 Period 2 (12 ECTS): Planmatige Gezondheidsbevordering (PGZ2022), Vaardigheden Planmatige Gezondheidsbevordering (PGZ2222) and De Maatschappij in de Wetenshap en de Wetenschap in de Maatschappij PGZ (GZW2252)
 Period 3 (6 ECTS): Gezondheidsbescherming (PGZ2023) and Vaardigheden Gezondheidsbescherming (PGZ2223)

Track: Mental Health
 Period 1 (12 ECTS): Kinder- en Jeugdpsychopathologie (GGZ2021), Vaardigheden Kinder- en Jeugdpsychopathologie (GGZ2221) and Uit de Ivoren Toren, Wetenschap als Mensenwerk GGZ (GZW2241)
 Period 2 (12 ECTS): Stemmingsstoornissen (GGZ2022), Vaardigheden Stemmingsstoornissen (GGZ2222) and De Maatschappij in de Wetenschap en de Wetenschap in de Maatschappij GGZ (GZW2242)
 Period 3 (6 ECTS): Onderzoek in Psychopathologie (GGZ2023) and Vaardigheden Onderzoek in Psychopathologie (GGZ2223)

Bachelor's programme European Public Health (taught in English)
European Public Health
 Period 1 (10 ECTS): Introduction Semester 1 (EPH1011), Tuberculosis (EPH1001) and Additional Education Tuberculosis (EPH1101)
 Period 2 (10 ECTS): Work-related Stress & Burn-out (EPH1002), Additional Education Work-related Stress and Burn-out (EPH1102) and Introduction to Statistical Methods for Data Analysis (EPH1018)

Various > Minor (taught in English)
Health Care and Law
 Period 1 (12 ECTS): Law and Life Science Research (GZW3013)
 Period 2 (12 ECTS): The Law of Public Health and Care (GZW3014)
 Period 3 (6 ECTS): Health Justice (GZW3015)


Admission to above mentioned minors/electives may depend on your previous traning and knowledge. Depending on your previous training and knowledge, it also might be possible to follow other courses (that are not offered in above mentioned minors) at the FHML. On the FHML website you will find information about all courses offered by FHML and the periods in which they are offered. Choose a programme and go to course descriptions. Make sure you choose the right academic year.


UM students from the FHML
Information about registration for FHML students is available at the Student Portal > My Organisations > click on button 'Open My Organisations  > FHML Students > choose your programme:

  • BA BBS/BMW > Minor jaar 3
  • BA GW (HS) > Bachelor Gezondheidswetenschappen Algemeen > Minor jaar 3
  • BA EPH > Minor year 3

Deadline for registration is 1 June.

UM students from other UM faculties
If you are studying at another faculty of Maastricht University and would like to follow a minor/elective at the FHML, then you should submit a request via Special Course Approval in the Student Portal. Login and go to MyCourses > Add/remove Course > Special Course Approval.

Deadline for registration is 1 July.

Students from another Dutch University are also welcome to study at the FHML. They must complete and submit a registration form to examensfhml[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl

Deadline for registration is eight weeks before the relevant course starts.


In all cases the Board of Examiners of the faculty will decide, while also taking into consideration the applicant’s previous training and available places.