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  • Psychology

    NL + EN

    In the bachelor’s programme in Psychology, you'll learn about the mental processes of humans, including memory, language, thinking and perception. You'll also use an MRI scanner to measure brain activity as a source for our behaviour. This unique combination ensures that you develop a broad professional perspective.   

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  • University College Maastricht

    Bachelor University College Maastricht

    UCM is an honours Liberal Arts & Sciences programme for highly motivated students. You can choose from more than 150 different courses in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Sciences. Based on your personal goals and interests and with the support of your academic advisor, you build your own curriculum which leads to an internationally recognised bachelor’s degree.

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  • University College Venlo

    BA University College Venlo

    At University College Venlo, you deal with one of the world’s major challenges: bringing safe and healthy foods to the human population. With the help of your academic advisor, you design your own curriculum and select different courses from the main themes:health, nutrition and business.

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