Circular Engineering

To ensure a healthy planet and strong economy for current and future generations, a transition to a circular economy is needed. A circular economy is characterised by a system of closed loop processes. Ideally no waste is created, renewable energy sources are used, and raw materials, components and products retain their value. This transition asks for innovative engineering solutions that require a new way of thinking.

Circular Engineering - Extended deadline

Do you get excited when facing a technical challenge? Do you want to contribute to the transition to a circular economy? Then the unique new Maastricht bachelor's programme in Circular Engineering is the perfect choice for you: the engineer of the future. The bachelor Circular Engineering combines a rigid engineering foundation with in-depth knowledge and skills in one of three engineering concentrations, while focussing on sustainability throughout the curriculum. These three concentrations are:

Throughout the curriculum, there are strong interactions with industry, especially at the Brightlands campuses.

  • Circular Chemical Engineering
  • Sustainable Biotechnology
  • Engineering Physics for Sustainable Manufacturing

You can tailor your curriculum to your own needs, interests and career goals, by using the open curriculum space in the second year to select from a large range of electives, by taking on engineering projects and internships of your choice and by choosing one of the concentrations in the third year. By approaching problems from various disciplinary perspectives, you develop technical solutions for society and industry to address existing and future challenges.

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Times Higher Education 2020 Young Universities Ranking
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    Carla Koopman, Associate Prof. Circular Chemical Engineering
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    Thomas Cleij, Dean Faculty of Science and Engineering
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    Gus van der Feltz, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Blue Plasma
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    Arnold Stokking, Managing Director Brightsite