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University College Venlo (UCV) is unique. You follow your interests and select your own courses. This enables you to study issues related to Food, Nutrition & Health in an interdisciplinary manner. With the help of your personal academic advisor, you build a tailor-made bachelor's programme. The central part of your study programme is made up by courses within the concentration of your choice: Social Sciences or Life Sciences. In the Social Sciences concentration, you can choose courses in fields such as Psychology of Eating, Economics and Behavioural Change. The Life Sciences concentration offers courses like Biology, Epidemiology of Food, Biochemistry and Datamining. Combining courses from different disciplines will help you develop a distinct academic profile, perfecty adapted to the Master’s programme or professional position you aim for.



  • The social impact of a small-scale university is huge
    Augustin Poncelet (Belgium), University College Venlo
  • My courses mainly focus on consumer behaviour and how to help people to make healthy choices. Health, psychology and economics was not such a weird combination after all
    Ilse Knoops (The Netherlands), University College Venlo
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      Thank you FHS colleagues for the beautifull flowers! They stand proudly in their vase in our common room. #keuzegids #toprankedprogramme #UCV #maastrichtuniversity

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      🇯🇲Lizzie comes from Jamaica. She enjoys the small-scale and flexible academic programme and that is what attracted her the most to study at UCV!🇳🇱#studyinvenlo #internationalstudents #personalizededucation #campusvenlo #ucv #maastrichtuniversity #bachelorsprogram

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      We've had a great week with loooots of success and hours of studying! Time to relax and have a nice weekend!
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