Are you intrigued by the way people behave, and the things that drive them to behave the way they do? Why we remember entire songs, but cannot remember where we left our keys? And are you not intimidated by the odd bit of statistics? The bachelor's programme in Psychology might be the programme you’re looking for. You’ll study mental processes, such as language, memory, thinking and perception. But you’ll also learn about the sources of our behaviour, and how you can measure brain activity. This unique combination ensures that you can pursue a career in a wide variety of settings. After you’ve completed a master's in this field, you can become a clinician, a researcher, a study advisor, or a manager. You can start your own practice, or work at a healthcare institution, a court or a sports organisation.

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If you have questions about the programme and/or about (student) life in Maastricht, don't hesitate to get in touch with Ariel through her Instagram page; she's happy to help you with your study choice, as previous student ambassadors helped her with hers.

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