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  • ESST Student Blog: Reflection and Post-Graduate Plans

    5 September 2017
    After a gruelling year of ESST, marked by an especially challenging thesis-writing period, I am a graduate! In this post, I reflect on what ESST has done for me and answer the burning question that I get all the time: "So, what's next?"
  • Marco Ricorda

    Getting jobs in the Eurobubble: A game of inches

    5 April 2017
    I had a lot of fun at the EU Studies Fair. For me it proved a very fruitful event for both students and professionals who are trying to get a foothold in that lions’ den that I call “Eurobubble jobs.” In my experience this can be quite a daunting challenge, but if it has been a journey that I think it is worth blogging about.
  • ESST Student Blog: Specialization Session for the Second Semester

    24 October 2016
    For those who have already looked into the programme, one first impression is that it is crazy short and jam-packed with contents (1 course per 4 weeks). And in being short, choosing your specialization for the second semester (February - June) means the pressure is on for some to make up their minds. On October 12 th , just 6 weeks into the programme, we had our first information session for the various trajectories.
  • ESST Student Blog: University, Work, and Impressions of the Module 1

    24 September 2016
    One difference (depending on the discipline as well) between a Bachelor and Master programme is the workload. Would I say the shift is significant between the Bachelor I have completed and now? Not only might it be too soon to say (I shall follow up with another post at the end of the first semester), but that depends on the person’s capacity (health, time management skills, intelligence, etc) as well as what they want out of the programme.
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