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  • There was a workshop that took place at Tsinghua University School of Law, Beijing. It was the first meeting of the collaborators in a project which aims to investigate contract law in China and Europe in a comparative and cross-cultural perspective. 

  • How does constitutional law look at the concept of ‘people’?

  • Property law's strong ties to the State and the national legal order lead to complications in cross-border settings. As a result, there is a tension between European integration and national property law. 

  • M-EPLI organises a workshop in cooperation with Tsinghua University, School of Law devoted to contract law in China and Europe.

  • The need for a uniform interpretation of patent law need not be satisfied by a European Patent Court.

  • After spending the past holidays with Suppo, his girlfriend Pia (yes, I was the awkward 3rd wheel), and his family in Sicily, I couldn’t help to notice a couple of differences between Italy (Sicily to be exact) and good old the Netherlands. Little note in advance, this piece covers Sicily and...

  • UCM

    The Essence of UCM

    Now that I have survived an entire period of studying at the University College, plus a full “reflection” week, I think I am finally qualified to blog about the University College, and what exactly, I love about it.

  • I decided to write a post on the Dutch Student Finance as I felt the information about it was not easily accessible in one clear document. I also wanted to express some of my opinions about the student finance system itself and possible ways to improve it. Hopefully this will be useful for...

  • Bus

    Hello Bus Fare…

    So recently the prices of bus fares have gone up by about a euro, what was 1,60 is now 2,50.  I know this does not affect Dutch students as they obviously have free transport for being students, but I think that concessions for students should cover everyone!

  • So, after a semester at UCM, what I can say is this: a few words of warning/experience/advice/recommendation for future UCM students, especially those coming from the UK: