Burgert Blom (B.)

Associate Professor (UHD)

Postdoctoral Fellow (Berlin), PhD (Bonn), MSc (Cape Town). Visiting Research Associate, University Of Cape Town, Department of Chemistry, Summer 2017. Editorial Board: Molecules (Inorganic Section). Guest Editor: Open Chemistry, 2017: Special issue on Bond Activation. Guest Editor: Molecules, 2019-20: Special Issue on Reactive Organometallic Complexes. Guest Editor: Molecules 2020: 25th Anniversary of Molecules—Recent Advances in Inorganic Chemistry.

Research Interests:

Bonding between transition metals, f-block and s-block metals and the heavy p-block elements, particularly group 14 elements (Si-Pb). A new field at the interface of classical and contemporary inorganic chemistry. Employing these complexes in materials science, as catalysts and in medicinal applications and more generally, fundamental enquiry. Recently, strongly focused on anti-cancer applications of such novel agents, since 2016 (with many collaborators). In particular, research centres around the rational design of novel hetero and homobimetallic systems:  [LnM,M'Ln] (M = d-block metal, M' = p-block metals or some other d-block metal, Ln = Ligand sphere).  Also focussed on the development of Vanadium based catalysts for polymerisation applications (in collaboration with Dario Romano, AMIBM). 

 Courses (Undergraduate):

  • CHE 3002 (Transition Metal and Main Group Chemistry): Course Coordinator (Spring)
  • CHE 2002 (Inorganic Chemistry): Course Coordinator (Fall)
  • CHE 2008 (Main-Group Chemistry): Course Coordinator (Fall)
  • PRA3008 (Transition Metal Chemistry) Course Coordinator (Spring)
  • CHE2004 (Spectroscopy) Course Coordinator (Fall)

Courses (Graduate):

  • MIE1003 (Molecules and Structures) Course Coordinator (Fall)

 Peer reviewed articles / book chapters: (with * corresponding author)

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1. Katalysator zur Hydroformylierung von Olefinen und dessen Verwendung: PCT Int. Appl. (2017), WO 2017178536 A1 20171019



B. Blom “Reactivity of Ylenes at Late Transition Metal Centres” Cuvillier Verlag, Göttingen, 2011.

Invited Lectures: (2015-19)

​1. Invited Lecture, Nelson Mandela University, Department of Chemistry, July 2019.:”Highly potent novel ruthenium complexes as new anti-cancer agents”

2.  Invited Lecture, Maastricht University, Department of Biobased Materials, October, 2018: “Ruthenium based anti-cancer agents”

3. Lecture at PAS Festival, Maastricht University, September, 2018.

4. Invited Lecture, University of Cape Town, Department of Chemistry, August 2017. “Bonding between heavy p-block elements and s, f and d-block metals: Applications is Catalysis, Materials, and Medicines”

5. Invited Lecture, Nelson Mandela University, Department of Chemistry, August 2017. “Bonding between heavy p-block elements and s, f and d-block metals: Applications is Catalysis, Materials, and Medicines”

6. Invited Lecture, University of Cologne, May 2017, Institute fuer Anorganische Chemie. ”Access to rare allotropes of silicon and germanium from the controlled decomposition of NHSi:->Ae complexes”

7. Invited Lecture, University of Cape Town, Chemistry Department, July 2016. “Formation of rare allotropes of silicon and germanium from well defined single source precursors under mild conditions”

8. Invited lecture: University of Copenhagen, Annual assembly of the Danish Chemical Society, November, 12 2015.

Active Collaborations

  1. University of Cologne institute fuer Anorganische Chemie (Germany) with the group of Prof. Dr. Axel Klein

  2. University of Cape Town, Chemistry Department (South Africa): Group of Dr. Siyabonga Ngubane and Prof. Dr. Sharon Prince (UCT Med. School).

  3. Technische Universitaet Graz (Austria): Dr. Judith Baumgartner and Prof. Dr. Christoph Marschner

  4. EPFL, Lausanne (Switzerland) with Prof. Dr. Paul Dyson.

  5. Maastricht University (BBM) Dr Dario Romano.

  6. University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg) Prof. Dr. Orde Munro.

Research Experience

  • Extensive experience with the synthesis and manipulation of extremely air and moisture sensitive compounds using Schlenk / glove-box techniques.
  • Extensive experience with NMR spectroscopy: (1D and 2D spectroscopy): 1H, 13C, 31P, 11B, 19F, 119Sn, / H, H-Cosy, HMBC / H,X-Cosy experiments.
  • Good experience with CW-EPR (continuous-wave) and Pulsed-EPR: (1D and 2D)
  • Extensive experience with the interpretation of 57Fe Mößbauer spectroscopy.
  • Routine use of single Crystal X-ray diffraction analysis (circa 80 structures to date).
  • Routine use of and in-depth understanding of: Infra-red spectroscopy / Cyclic Voltammetery / Elemental Analysis/ HRMS.
  • Good experience with Density Functional Theory (DFT) methods.
  • Excellent background in Homogeneous Catalysis.


  • Dr. Edmund ter Meer prize — Best doctoral dissertation in chemistry (shared), University of Bonn (2012).