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Maastricht printers

Ongoing project: Maastricht printers in the spotlight

Together with the Regional Historic Center Limburg and the Centre Céramique, the University Library is working on a new project: Maastricht book printers. In this project we show you the history from the moment printer Jacob Bathen settled in Maastricht in 1551 until the highlights in the works of Charles Nypels in the first half of the twentieth century. Special attention is given to the sociocultural context and the creative process and design of printed books.

Completed project: ‘Weekblad van het Regt’ digitally searchable

As of end of October 2013 everyone can integrally browse and full-text search the Weekblad van het Regt  . Approximately 65000 pages have been manipulated using the newest techniques. Because of ‘fuzzy’ search techniques, results have improved considerably.

The Weekblad van het Regt is a case law collection of great value for research on legal history. It can be searched electronically by case, issue number, date, keyword or register. Access the digital version of the Weekblad van het Regt via the link above (only in Dutch). If desired, you can also browse through the hard-copies. The Maastricht University Library is home to all but one hard-copy volume of the Weekblad van het Regt.

To digitise the journal, the Maastricht University Library collaborated with Louis Berkvens, professor of Legal History at the Faculty of Law, and Jan Scholtes, professor of Text Mining at the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences. Knowledge Engineering student Martin Rooijackers has already made use of the digital archive for this internship on Gephi, an open-source application that presents visual relationships between keywords. Rooijackers was able to demonstrate which issues of the journal are frequently associated with which terms.