General collection

The Maastricht University Library accumulates resources in disciplines not provided for by the various faculties. These encompass works for general reference (address books, dictionaries, encyclopaedias and bibliographies) and for education fields that fit with and support the faculty collections.

The library also accumulates journal resources in disciplines related to the faculty education and research collections.

A large part of the central background collection – in particular the reference works mentioned above – is available in electronic form, which means you can access it from both library locations. 

Partly because of the demand for new electronic subscriptions and media budget cutbacks, the central background collection has been critically scrutinised in recent years. This has led to a more focused collection profile. Apart from the general reference works referred to above, the library now focuses on accumulating resources in specific disciplines (ranked according to a basic classification).

  • 01 (general works)
  • 02 (science and culture: general)
  • 05 (communication science: general)
  • 18 (language: dictionaries only)
  • 30 (physical sciences: general)
  • 50 (technical sciences: general)
  • 54 (computer science: general)
  • 70 (social sciences: general)
  • 71 (sociology: general)
  • 81 (education: general)

Additional rules

  • The literature is relevant for user groups in at least three faculties (divided over both library locations).
  • The literature is not too specialised (it should be for the reference and/or education collection). 
  • New purchases are primarily digital, with a view to broad access.