Mid 2017 over 200.000 e-books are available covering a variety of topics and disciplines.

Advantages of e-books

  • Available 24/7
  • Can be consulted by several users at the same time
  • Can be consulted outside the campus, provided you can log on at the UM campus network

You can access e-books in the Online Library via:

User options
E-book users have various options; they can print, download or add notes. For this, you will usually need to create a personal account on the website of the e-book supplier.

  • Printing and copying
    You can print or copy (parts of) the text. The amount you are allowed to copy/print may vary per supplier
  • Notes and highlights 
    You can add notes and highlights. Every time you request an e-book, your notes and highlights will become available again
  • Deep linking 
    You can create links to separate pages, chapters and titles
  • Reference List
    Linking to e-books or parts of e-books is allowed
  • Reference data
    You can export bibliographical data to Endnote and RefWorks


User requirements
Currently, the University Library is mainly purchasing e-books from the supplier DawsonEra. Their requirements are:

  • Students/staff are not allowed to print or copy more than 5% of the content per book
  • 325–400 credits are available per book per year (1 credit = 24 hours consultation for one user)

When possible, the library will order e-books directly from various publishers. The conditions may vary per supplier.