Book location

Inner City Library location codes start with:

  • SW (Learning and Resource Centre Arts and Social Sciences second floor)
  • SF (Learning and Resource Centre Business and Economics second floor)
  • SJ (Learning and Resource Centre Law second floor)
  • SB (open stacks first floor)

Randwyck Library codes start with:

  • SL (Learning and Resource Centre Randwyck second floor)
  • SG (open stacks first floor)

University College Venlo codes start with:

  • SV (Learning and Resource Centre Campus Venlo)
  • SZ (Learning and Resource Centre Campus Venlo) 

A large collection of books is placed in closed stacks on both Library locations. Request numbers of this collection start with the letter 'M'. It’s not possible to pick these books or journals out of the bookshelves by yourself. You can make a request via LibSearch  .

The book collections in free access are arranged by request numbers based on the systems of the Library of Congress Classification (LCC) and the National Library of Medicine (NLM). The numbers of these classification systems have a letter-number combination. The letters stand for the different disciplines and the numbers indicate more specific subjects within each discipline.

The outline of the system for request numbers is:

A: General Works

AE: Encyclopedias
AG: Dictionaries

B: Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

BC: Logic
BD: Speculative philosophy
BF: Psychology
BH: Aesthetics 
BJ: Ethics
BL: Religions

C: Auxiliary Sciences of History

CB: History of civilization & culture
CC: Archeology

D: History - General

DA: Great Britain
DB: Austria
DC: France
DD: Germany
DE: Mediterranean, Greco-Roman world 
DG: Italy
DH - DJ: Netherlands
DJK: Eastern Europe 
DP: Spain, Portugal
DR: Balkan
DS: Asia 
DT: Africa

E/F: History - USA

E: America (General),United States
F: South and Central America

G: Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

GB: Physical geography
GF: Human ecology
GN: Anthropology
GR: Folklore 
GT: Manners and customs
GV: Sports and recreation

H: Social Sciences and Business

H: Social sciences (General)
HA: Statistics 
HB: Economic theory
HC: Economic history and conditions 
HD: Land, agriculture, industry
HE: Transportation and communication
HF: Commerce
HG: Finance
HJ: Public finance
HM: Sociology, Social psychology 
HN: Social history 
HQ: Social groups; the family, gender 
HS: Societies and clubs
HV: Social pathology, criminology, welfare
HX: Socialism, communism

J: Political Science

JA: Political theory
JF: Constitutional history and administration
JK: Constitutional history: more countries
JN: Constitutional history: Netherlands
JS: Local government 
JV: Migration
JX: International law, human rights, international relations

K: Law

K: Law (General)
KB: Law of Belgium
KD: Law of the United Kingdom and Ireland
KE: Law of Canada
KF: Law of United States
KG: Law of EU
KH: History of Law
KI: Privat International Law
KIN: Privat International Law, Netherlands
KJ: Law of France
KK: Law of Germany
KN: Law of the Netherlands
KS: Law of Switzerland
KT: Tax Law
KTN: Tax Law, Netherlands L: Education

L: Education

L: Education (General)
LA: History of education 
LB: Theory and practice
LC: Special aspects

M: Music

N: Fine Arts

N: Visual arts (General)
NA: Architecture
NB: Sculpture
NC: Drawing, design, illustration
ND: Painting
NK: Decorative arts, applied art

P: Language and Literature

P: Linguistics 
PE: English language
PF: Dutch language
PN: Literature; Motion Pictures; Theatre; Journalism
PQ: France literature
PR: Anglo-American Literature
PT: Germanic literature; Dutch literature 
PZ: Children's literature

Q: Science

Q Science (General) 
QA: Mathematics and Computer Science
QC: Physics
QD: Chemistry
QE: Geology
QH: Biology (general)
QP: Physiology
QS: Human anatomy, Human embryology
QT: Human physiology, Personal Hygiene, Sports (medicine)
QU: Human biochemistry; Human nutrition
QV: Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Toxicology
QW: Microbiology, Virology, Immunology
QX: Parasitology
QY: Clinical Laboratory Research
QZ: Pathology, Oncology

S: Agriculture

T: Technology

T: Technology (General)
TA: Engineering (General)
TD: Environmental technology
TE: Highway engineering 
TF: Railroad engineering
TG: Bridge engineering
TH: Building construction 
TK: Electrical engineering; electronics
TR: Photography and Film
TS: Manufactures
TT: Handicrafts; arts and crafts

U: Military Science

W: Medicine

W: Medicine, general
WA: Public health
WB: Practice of medicine; Diagnosis; Therapy
WC: Communicable/infectious diseases
WD: Nutrition disorders; Metabolic diseases; Immunologic diseases; Animal and plant poisons
WE: Musculoskeletal system
WF: Respiratory system
WG: Cardiovascular system
WH: Hemic and lymphatic systems
WI: Digestive system
WJ: Urogenital system
WK: Endocrine system
WL: Nervous system
WM: Psychiatry
WN: Radiology
WO: Surgery
WP: Gynecology
WQ: Obstetrics
WR: Dermatology
WS: Pediatrics
WT: Geriatrics; Chronic disease
WU: Dentistry
WV: Oto‑rhino‑laryngology
WW: Ophthalmology
WX: Hospitals and other health facilities
WY: Nursing/Nursing sciences
WZ: History of medicine

Z: Library Science