Ldot; safely store personal data

Ldot is our logistical software package. It can help solve logistical tasks for your research. 

memic privacy

To simplify the logistical process of doing your research, we provide an in-house developed software package called ‘Ldot’. With this software it is possible to store privacy sensitive data from respondents. It allows for keeping track of their progress in a running research.

Ldot supports the study workflow by indicating which actions should be performed for which study subject at what moment in time. Ldot can be configured to give this information in different ways: as Email notifications, as action list and via a graphical calendar. Particularly in studies with a larger number of participants and/or studies with more complex or longitudinal schedules, Ldot can be of great help. Also in multicentre studies, using Ldot is recommended.

Ldot is build and maintained by our GCP qualified software developers. It is specifically designed for storing privacy sensitive information. In combination with our connection to Castor it can keep track of your entire research flow and data collection.