Bringing research results to the market can be accomplished through the creation of a spin-off of Maastricht University and / or azM, through licensing and collaborating with large and small companies. The MVC team monitors the entire process from the beginning until the end: from idea protection and starting companies to setting up contacts with external parties.

One way to transfer the knowledge from the scientists to the market is by setting up a new company, a so called spin-off. These are companies in which IP from the UM or azM is at the very basis of this companies. The MVC is part of the process to create these spin-offs and in recent years we helped to create a number of companies. You can find a selection via the pages of...

   UM holding
   MUMC Holding
    BioPartner Center Maastricht

For MVC it is very important to be part of the right networks of people and organisations. We build lasting relationships with large companies and SMEs on the basis of trust and mutual respect. MVC is always striving to attract the right partner at the very start of the valorisation process. At this moment we are searching for partners for the following projects:

In addition we are always looking to strengthen and expand our network. Please contact us if you want to discuss the opportunities we might have to collaborate with your company or institution.