Course information

2018/19 Course schedule

The Maastricht University Language Centre offers courses in Dutch, English and other modern languages. Most have a duration of 14 weeks, but in some blocks we offer 7-week courses that meet twice a week. We also offer intensive and summer courses.

Courses are offered as follows:

Semester 1 2018-2019: Start and enddate Which courses Registration open
Period 1 3 September – 19 October 2018 NL 7 and 14-week courses, other languages 14 week courses, EN fall courses 1 July
Period 2 29 October – 14 December 2018 NL 7-week courses  1 October
Period 3 7 January –  25 January 2019 NL 4-week intensive winter courses 1 October
Semester 2 2019:      
Period 4 4 February – 29 March 2019 NL 7 and 14-week courses, other languages 14 week courses, EN fall spring 15 November
Period 5 8 April – 27 May 2019 NL 7-week courses 1 March
Period 6 11 June – 29 July 2019 NL 7-week summer courses 1 May

No lessons during:

  • Week of 22 to 26-10 2018
  • Christmas: 24-12 to 4 -1-2019
  • Week of 28-1 to 1-2-2019
  • Week of 4 to 8 March 2019 - Carnival
  • Week of 1 April to 5 April 2019
  • Friday 19 April 2019 – Good Friday
  • Monday 22 April – Easter Monday
  • Thursday 30 May + bridging day 31 May – Ascension Day
  • Monday 10 June – Whit Monday

Registration for each block opens one month in advance.

Details about schedules and registration can be found on the individual language course pages. Please note that schedules are subject to change up to one month before the course starts; dates will be confirmed upon registration.

Please note, the date of the final test is known in advance. For rescheduling the date of the final test, we charge a fee.

Want to learn more about the courses we offer? View the courses.

Earn ECTS credits

You can obtain credits for language courses taken at the Language Centre. To have these credits included on your degree certificate, you must submit a request to your Board of Examiners. Whether these credits are granted depends on your faculty. The study load of each language course is expressed in ECTS credits (a 14-week course is normally worth 3 credits). For each course that you pass, your certificate will state the number of ECTS credits awarded.

Levels of the Common European Framework of Reference

All language courses are offered at several levels. The Common European Framework of Reference provides a set of descriptors that can help you gauge your level of proficiency in a given language. To determine your current or target level, please see the CEFR.