OPZUID Printed Electronics

Printed Electronics Ecosystem: Now is the time!

In recent years, major steps have been taken in the development of technology that makes printing electronics possible. Printing electronics on a flexible substrate results in a high degree of freedom of form, lower costs and many application possibilities.

In order to bring the Printed Electronics sector to industrial maturity, it is important that all players in the supply chain work more closely together in an innovative ecosystem. The joint presence of companies, knowledge institutes and governments in the Printed Electronics ecosystem in the Southern Netherlands region makes this cooperation between technology developers, providers and users in the entire chain possible. This results in the highest possible return in economic, social and societal fields.

Printed electronics will find many applications in various sectors, including Healthcare and Logistics, and will thus lead to a world that is healthier, safer, simpler and smarter.

In the context of Healthcare, Maastricht University is demonstrating together with various other partners in this ecosystem the possibilities of printed electronics for wearable healthcare applications. Maastricht University integrates the sensors printed by partners (e.g. pressure, temperature) in clothing and mouth guards and applies them in medical research.