Smarter measurement and more efficient collection of data for better health care.

Health-care professionals spend so much time measuring and recording that they are left with less and less time to provide the actual care. 

Measurement data vanishes into the archives of health-care institutions and insurance companies without clients being able to see it or take any action.

Entrepreneurs design innovative products and processes to take measurements in health care in smarter ways in order to improve the quality of health care, yet are not easily afforded opportunities to test and improve their ideas in practice.

Clients and citizens increasingly want to monitor their own health and well-being in pursuit of improving or maintaining their health but do not know how to do this in the best and most reliable way.

There has to be a different way, a better way, of doing this!

LIME (Limburg Meet, or Limburg Measures) exists to encourage the creation, further development, and use of innovative measuring products and instruments in health care. And to ensure smart measurement occurs, preferably as much as possible by the clients themselves. This improves the quality of care provided and ensures that it stays affordable and accessible.