Scouting & Grants

Enabling unique research with unique equipment

IDEE started scouting & grants in 2012 to address the following two matters:
Modern researchers tend to search for expertise through the internet and are not aware of the facilities within their organizations. A lot of great ideas exist, but the way of fund-raising has changed: less basic funding and more third party funding.



Our scouts can meet personally to find out if IDEE can be of value for your research. They can also arrange a tour through IDEE for your entire department to get to know each other. Our scouts also have a lot of experience in giving dedicated presentations about IDEE and related technology at staff meetings, annual symposia or conferences / congresses.



Our scouts have an academic background and can support you with brainstorming and setting–up new research projects that require unique technology. They dispose of an extensive network of partners for missing competencies. Our scouts support in writing grant proposals and are familiar with several subsidiaries, such as STW, NWO, Horizon 2020, Interreg, SWOL and many more.