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    I have an equipment related emergency or I have a general question related to Instrument Services

    Instrument Services must be contacted in in case of an equipment related emergency. Furthermore, Instrument Services can always be contacted for general questions through e-mail and telephone.


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    I would like to purchase a device

    When searching for new equipment, you undoubtedly want to know what each manufacturer can offer. A Decision Making Unit (DMU) is formed by the researcher, members of instrument services and the purchase department in order to find the best option for you. The DMU supports you during negotiations with the suppliers as well. Instrument Services also supports installation and ensures the safety of both subjects and environment through safety measurements afterwards. All equipment owned by or located within the university is registered centrally at IDEE. As all equipment details are centrally stored, Instrument Services can guarantee a fast and reliable service afterwards.


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    I would like a change in the equipment service contract

    Throughout the duration of the service contact with Instrument Services, you might wish to adjust the contract to specific needs or requirements.


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    I obtained equipment and need to register it

    In case you did not purchase equipment via the regular purchasing process, for example by means of a gift or transfer, it is still required to register this equipment. Note: this is not the usual way of registering equipment.


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