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Clinical Instruments


IDEE can be a valuable partner for the development of your clinical instrument. IDEE disposes technical – and medical knowledge as well as expertise in quality assurance (ISO 13485). IDEE has developed prototypes for clinical fields, such as cardiothoracic surgery (surgical tools and training models), maxillofacial surgery (skull implants) and vestibulology (analysis of equilibrium system).

Research Equipment

MOX2 Activity Monitor

Any researcher within the MUMC+ can ask IDEE to develop innovative technology. Practice demonstrates that IDEE has gained a lot of experience within the fields of indirect calorimetry (measurement and analysis systems), nanoscopy / mass spectrometry (sample preparation tools) and human movement sciences (wearable technology).


Prototyping Department

The prototyping department is the best option if your equipment needs minor modifications, a small mock-up or a relative simple tool. Moreover, they can act quickly if ongoing research is being jeopardized by a defective tool. Typical clients are the department of neuroscience (implantable electrodes), biochemistry (tissue preparation) and human movement sciences (biopsy needles).

A video on how we work

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