Possibilities at the Campus

UM Campus Brussels aims to function as a Maastricht University establishment in Brussels where individuals and groups can work, meet colleagues, exchange experiences, and organise events.

To do so UM Campus Brussels provides a wide range of facilities for both internal and external parties interested in developing new opportunities in Brussels or to expand existing operations in the capital of Europe.

Organise an event
The UM Campus Brussels provides several rooms, ranging from smaller meeting rooms and our Alumni Room to a lecture hall, which stand at your disposal. The Campus can therefore provide ample space for events, ranging from working groups, expert meetings and flexible workspaces to breakfast discussions, seminars and multi-day conferences.

Promote your event
UM Campus Brussels also offers internal and external partners the possibility to promote their events through our channels. To learn more about these possiblities, please contact our Operations & Communications Manager via email Melissa Beltgens or by phone +31 433 884 392. 

Part-time PhD programmes and courses
In addition to the venue and professional organisational support, UM Campus Brussels also provides unique opportunities for part-time PhD programmes, designed especially for professionals who are active in the European and/or Brussels arena. In order to keep your academic knowledge up to date UM Campus Brussels offers a range of courses for professionals working in or around the European Institutions. These courses offer a platform to enhance your knowledge in an interactive way.

What can I do at the UM Campus Brussels?





Are you looking for a venue to host your event,meeting or conference?


The UM Campus Brussels team invites you to use their knowledge and support during the complete procedure of organising an event at the Campus: from the very first phase of picking a suitable date for you and your partners, allocating speakers within the UM, preparing the initial concept, to the final phase of analyzing the event via evaluation forms with useful feedback. The campus has an established local Brussels based network regarding event practicalities and offers expertise in the field of academic event management.

Feel free to contact the UM Campus Brussels events team for further questions on reserving a date, choosing one of our rooms or for any promotion on your event. You are always welcome to make an appointment to see our facilities and to pre-discuss your event concept with us.

Are you a UM staff member or student?


The UM Campus Brussels team offers you knowledge and support during the complete procedure of organising an event at the Campus: from the very first phase of picking a suitable date and planning the concept to the final phase of analyzing the event through evaluation forms with useful feedback. Pick a format for your event or contact the UM Campus Brussels staff for specific advice on how to design your event, such as a presentation, seminar, workshop or interactive discussion. The Campus team offers support in all matters needed to organize a successful event for groups of all sizes, ranging from a short meeting in our meeting rooms to a major discussion in our lecture hall combined e.g. with a field trip to a European institution.


Post-Academic Courses for professionals


The UM Campus Brussels aims to offer high quality post-academic courses to professionals who are active in the European and/or Brussels arena. Since January 2012, there is an opportunity to take part-time courses at UM Campus Brussels.

A variety of the courses will enable you to broaden and deepen your knowledge in your field of interest or expertise.

The UM Campus Brussels aims to offer opportunities to individuals at all stages of their careers to study for professional development purposes or improve their personal qualifications.

For more information on the Executive Courses held at the UM Campus Brussels please contact the UM Campus team and visit our page Courses.


  • The Campus was very beneficial for our further attendance of MUN conferences
  • I surely recommend taking part in the CLEER Summer School on EU External Relations Law